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Posted on 07-22-17, 06:33 am

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So basically I just registered to ask about a problem I'm having. I'm new to the community, but I'm trying to test with custom tilesets. I imported a png image that I edited in Gimp. I then edited basically everything, the object, map 16, graphic, and tile behavior column in the tileset editor. I placed grass and then dirt underneath, and everything seemed fine. But, as soon as I tested it, all the tiles I placed had been replaced with random tiles from my tileset. Am I doing something wrong?
Posted on 07-22-17, 07:28 am
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In the editor, when placing tiles, does it show the original tiles or the new ones? If the former, click the 2nd last icon at the top and click "refresh tilesets".
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Posted on 07-22-17, 02:09 pm
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Also, don't put anything in the first rows of the map 16 to avoid randomization.
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