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Posted on 07-07-17, 09:18 pm

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Demo is out now!
The download and a how-to-play guide is down below.

(not good)

- Brand new levels and DLC
- Brand new world themes
- Brand new soundtrack
- Brand new tilesets and level themes

New Super Mario Classic is a non-profit, fan created modification of the game New Super Mario Bros. 2.
We aim for quality, and will try to make the levels as enjoyable and fun as any other NSMB game.

This project is not abandoned, and the team is hard at work producing new content for the community.
We will update this thread whenever we have a major update on the status of development.

Demo v1.1 has currently been released (2.0 coming soon)
This demo contains a one world preview only!

To play it, download it first at:

Then follow "Playing People's Mods" over at:

If you would like to see more inside information and screenshots
about New Super Mario Classic, join our Discord server at:

Person74 - Level Design/Project Founder
Gimzie - Level Design/Revisions
RaptorBR - Level Design
newluigidev - Level Design
Huskatron - Level Design
blujay - General Hosting
Cartre W3 - Music
dym - Music
Mashibro - Music
NightYoshi370 - Website/Hosting
HuseyinDerMachtige - Artist
GRAnimated - Artist
torzod - Quality Assurance
Dante - Quality Assurance
Matt - Quality Assurance
TRS - Quality Assurance

Special thanks to:
- StapleButter
- Shibboleet
- RicBent
- Explos
- TCPixel
- The people who made 3DS modding possible
- Nintendo

This is a non-profit modification that is created by the community,
and is in no way related to, or endorsed, by Nintendo.
Posted on 07-07-17, 09:27 pm

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I hack games, then I play them!
Posted on 07-07-17, 11:20 pm
Random Turtle

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Currently working on "New Super Mario Land"
Posted on 07-08-17, 03:03 am (rev. 1 by  cros107 on 07-08-17, 07:16 am)
Will never finish a hack

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Posted by Gimzie
New Super Mario Classic is a non-profit, fan created modification

I mean you'd hope this would be non profit
SwitchHax when?

Posted on 07-08-17, 03:09 am

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Hey, just in case...
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