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Posted on 05-01-18, 05:22 am
Buzzy Beetle

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Just going to say this now. This hack will be making a return, and this time, "classic" will have more of a meaning to the game than just a phrase.
tre3 z0N3

Posted on 05-01-18, 02:00 pm
Melon Bug
That MvL Hacker

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It'll be the 30th remake of SMB 1

But seriously though, looking forward to this
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Posted on 05-01-18, 04:12 pm
Hammer Brother

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Looks pretty good! The music in the world 1 castle is incomplete, and needs the full soundbank file from SM64DS. If you have fixed that issue, please correct me XD

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Posted on 05-01-18, 09:05 pm
Buzzy Beetle

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I won't even be using the old levels in the new version
tre3 z0N3

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Nice Hack
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