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Posted on 03-16-17, 01:42 am (rev. 1 by  Emerl on 03-16-17, 01:42 am)

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That would be nice... Baby Bowser's Method "kinda Works"...

but this would be useful and also open the doors for new NSMB rom hacks.
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Posted on 03-16-17, 01:46 am (rev. 1 by  SuperML on 03-16-17, 02:04 pm)
the power within

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The title of the thread is a bit misleading. Adding a question mark should clear things up.
Edit: Nevermind.

Oh, and you haven't posted in a while. Welcome back, I guess.

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Posted on 03-16-17, 01:56 am

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This has the suggestion tag, there is nothing misleading about it.
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Posted on 03-16-17, 02:04 pm
the power within

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I must have missed that.

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Posted on 03-17-17, 02:35 am
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you messed the fireflower powerup pallete of the head, most likely.

also, having a editor for just the playermodel alone would be a bit pointless IMO.
Posted on 03-17-17, 06:12 am
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That's brilliant. Why haven't we implemented this already.
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Posted on 03-17-17, 09:58 am

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I also suggest to implement a NSBMD-OBJ and OBJ-NSBMD converter, but with shading support. (MKDSCM's converter does not support shading, so NSBMD models made with MKDSCM don't have shading)
Posted on 03-17-17, 11:07 am

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Well, NSMBe decides how to open files by extensions.

Just import the player files into any other NSBMD and open it there. You have to uncompress it first though, iirc.
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