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Posted on 02-18-17, 03:26 am
Doesn't actually do anything.

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Remember this shit? Me neither.

Anyway that never became a thing because I couldn't make a decent game with only four players interested. Well, if you still care you're in luck, cause now I need players for one battle and to hell with plot.

The class archetype available for playing are listed below:

Offensive Spells (choose an element from: fire, ice, lightning, water)
Dark Magic (Uses your life energy to deal additional damage)
Status Elements
Blue Mage (learns moves when hit my enemies)
Gambler (attacks rely heavily on chance)

If you'd like to participate in a small one-battle run, please post and rank the eight archetypes above in order from most interested to least interested. After three days I will compile everyone's rankings and assign archetypes to each player.

Deadline: Exactly three days from the posting of this thread.
Posted on 02-18-17, 12:01 pm
Roy Koopa
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1. Offensive Spells (lightning)
2. Healing
3. Buffs
4. Status Elements
5. Summoning
6. Gambler
7. Blue Mage
8. Dark Magic
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Posted on 02-18-17, 12:55 pm

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1. Offensive Spells (fire)
2. Healing
3. Blue Mage
4. Summoning
5. Buffs
6. Status Elements
7. Dark Magic
8. Gambler
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Posted on 02-18-17, 02:22 pm
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1. Offensive Spells (Fire)
2. Summoning
3. Healing
4. Buffs
5. Dark Magic
6. Blue Mage
7. Status Elements
8. Gambler

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Posted on 02-18-17, 05:33 pm

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1. Offensive Spells (Fire)
2. Healing
3. Summoning
4. Blue Mage
5. Buffs
6. Dark Magic
7. Status Elements
8. Gambler
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Posted on 03-04-17, 08:05 pm (rev. 1 by  TRS on 03-04-17, 08:05 pm)
Doesn't actually do anything.

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Link to classes.

I went though each list and assigned each poster in post order their top pick, avoiding any duplicates:

 MarioFanatic64 is Offensive Spells (lightning)
 MarioKart7z is Offensive Spells (fire)
 SuperML is Summoning
 Fluorescent is Healing

Check out the stuff and see if you like it.

I also included moves for Statuses (combined Buffs/Status Elements) and Blue Mage. If anybody new wants to join as these, they're first come, first served.
Posted on 03-04-17, 10:47 pm
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I'll join

1 - Blue Mage
2 - Offensive Spells (Lightning)
3 - Healing
4 - Gambler
5 - Summoning
6 - Dark Magic
7 - Status Elements
8 - Buffs
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