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Posted on 12-17-16, 07:11 pm
Dry Bones
That MvL Hacker

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I don't know who on this board plays Super Mario Run, but if you do, post your friend code here!

My Friend Code: 6241-3049-3805
I'm the only person on this board that hacked MvL before it was cool.

Here's my MvL Hacking thread | Here's the MvL Community Hack!

If you hack MvL, consider joining my Discord Server!

Posted on 12-17-16, 08:21 pm

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Luckily/Unluckily I don't have an iPhone...
So I have to wait the 2017.
Posted on 12-17-16, 09:21 pm (rev. 1 by  skawo on 12-17-16, 09:23 pm)

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Luckily, I don't have an iPhone.

Will have to strongly consider what to use my Android device for when the game comes out for it.

Padding out the bin, I imagine.
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