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Posted on 03-24-19, 10:05 pm (rev. 2 by Gymnast544 on 03-25-19, 01:03 am)

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Thanks so much, it worked.

EDIT: It was able to patch, but it only boots on my 3ds using TwilightMenu++ (ntrboot frontend). When using flashcard or emulator it gives me an error regarding the saved options data being corrupted.

Was able to get it working by copying the .sav file from the 3ds to the flashcard
Posted on 08-02-19, 09:52 am
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Posted by poudink
still, open your rom with nsmbe then close it and try again.
edit: You are entirely right. for the longest time I thought the two were just dumped differently due to the fact certain patches only worked with one rom and certain patches only worked for the other, but it seems that it was due to me opening my psyDS rom with NSMBe without knowing that NSMBe decompressed an overlay each time you opened a clean NSMB rom with it.
you could always download another clean us rom without opening it with NSMB editor
Posted on 08-02-19, 04:04 pm
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No, a clean US rom won't work. That's exactly why you need to open it in NSMBe.
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