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I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about this.

Post here your favourite games (ROM hacks and flash/unofficial games don't count), their pros and cons, what you most liked about them, some fun facts if you like, etc. The list should have a minimum of five different games; series are allowed to be listed as one, but be sure to specify correctly.

My list is gonna be based on the games I've played and which experiences I'm currently able to remember; I made it the shortest possible. Also, due to my family's economic status, I couldn't get that many video games. So, here we go:
  1. Undertale. This game is wonderful. Seriously, it's a masterpiece, despite what many people believe. Its environments, characters, music, art… everything's so beautiful and well done. Now, obviously it has flaws, like the annoying “But nobody came” text that constantly pops up after you kill every monster in a place, the repeated use of melodies (this is a minor one, in my opinion), but nonetheless, it's the greatest game I've ever seen—I played the demo some weeks ago and it was the first proper gaming experience I'd had in years.
  2. The Crash Bandicoot trilogy. From now on, I may be biased because of nostalgia, but these three games (Crash Bandicolt, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, & Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped) were the most fun to play when I was a little fuck child. They were so entertaining, but sadly I couldn't finish any of them due to the CDs not being readable past a certain point. My personal favourite among the three is the second title because the first one wasn't that interesting and the third one had too many collectibles/gimmicks. Music is cool and well-oriented and the visuals are very great. Not much more to say other than I'm excited to see what the remake will look like!
  3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Ah, this game. 'twas so adictive that I even played it past 9 pm, when I had homework, when I was prohibited to play any games… you imagine the rest. I even learnt English with it! Because the game was in that language and my mother language is Spanish, I literally translated every word with an English–Spanish dictionary until I understood what I was supposed to do (not that it was really necessary, the objectives were quite obvious from seeing a few words and the thumbnails); this is besides the point, though. Also, I never got to play with another human being nor to complete the Subspace Emissary mode due to some error (I couldn't get past the first fight). However, I played the hell out of all the other modes, created my own stages, anyway, I got the most I could out of it. The orchestra did a fantastic job and the ported music is great as well. Graphically-wise, though, it seems to me that it has a more detailed and realistic style than that of SSB4's, I daresay. Gosh, I miss playing it…
  4. Donkey Kong 64. Everybody's favourite primate (or not). This game was definitely a joy to play, in spite of my ill behaviour back then towards mistakes I made while playing. No matter how many collectibles it had, I always got them all gladly just because you get to see different parts of each level and it always felt somewhat fresh. Grant Kirkhope did pretty well on music, I loved it (except that cheesy rap, even though it was supposed to be a joke). Rare did have great composers. Visuals are good, too, for what it was.
  5. Super Mario Galaxy. Finally a Mario title, huh? Well, no surprise, 'cause this is definitely the best Mario game to date (in my opinion, anyways). Y'already know what it's about – graphics: beautiful; music: outstanding; gameplay: nostalgically awesome. So much fun to travel between galaxies, doing those missions (which difficulty was fairly increasing, in my eyes), meeting Luigi, who helped us later on, the bosses, the cutscenes… Need I say more?

The next games will not have descriptions. You can deem them as “honourable mentions”.
  1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  3. New Super Mario Bros.
  4. Mario Kart DS/Mario Kart Wii
  5. Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World
  6. Ristar

Well, enough of that shit. Do you agree with me? Now share your personal list and tell us about your experiences. :D

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Posted on 10-16-16, 02:48 am
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I'd go on about my favorite games but since they're all Mario platformers there isn't much diversity, so here's a brief list:

1. Super Mario 64 Good: Sandbox environments and diverse, precise controls. Bad: Ugly graphics and camera issues.
2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Good: Creative level design, lots of mechanics, colorful environments, great music. Bad: Almost no continuity from Galaxy 1, linear levels, cheap post-game (but not as cheap as Galaxy 1)
3. Super Mario Galaxy Good: Creative level design, interesting side story, great music. Bad: Graphics sort of look... I dunno, yellowed/washed out? (At least in comparison to Galaxy 2), cheap post-game.
4. Super Mario World Good: Probably the most evolved form 2D Mario has taken yet, nostalgic quality, more puzzles. Bad: Later levels are annoying and not fun at all.
5. Super Mario Sunshine Good: Nice graphics and controls, keeps the same sandbox style level design from Mario 64, and in my opinion it has the best camera controls of any 3D Mario game. Bad: The game is short and padded out by the tedious Blue Coin hunt. Some levels are pure bogus.
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DK64 is one of your favourite games too? That's funny, I don't know anyone outside me or the speedrunning community whose favourite game is DK64. Another of my favourites would have to be NSMB- the first game I actually completed (DK64 took me years to actually finish). I also enjoy Mario Kart DS a lot (and have gotten quite good at snaking over the years :p )

Also the DK64 rap is godlike. Shut up.

Edit: Just got ninja'd by MF64, so I'll just say, I thought SMS was notorious for bad controls and camera angles?
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Posted by cros107
Edit: Just got ninja'd by MF64, so I'll just say, I thought SMS was notorious for bad controls and camera angles?

Super Mario Sunshine lets you control the camera using the C-stick, and the controls are like SM64 except without punch/kick, longjump, backflip and crouching. The new longjump is the jump dive; but unlike in SM64 it can't hurt enemies...
Posted by cros107
I also enjoy Mario Kart DS a lot (and have gotten quite good at snaking over the years :p )

Snaking? WTF is snaking?
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Posted on 10-16-16, 09:34 am
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Snaking is done by power sliding (drifting) excessively to boost around the track in a 'slithering' fashion.

MKDS is the last MK game before powersliding was nerfed so boosts were based on time spent charging rather than quickly rocking the D-Pad left and right.
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1. Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii: Perfect level design, good graphics. The ultimate 2D jump and run.

2. Super Mario World: Simply because of the nostalgic quality. I at least play it 100% once a year. Later levels tend to be annoying tho.

3. The Settlers II 10th Anniversary: In my eyes it is the best real-time strategy game you can find. It is based on the best game from the series and features quite nice graphics (Hell, did I play this game a lot in the XP days )

4. Super Mario 3D World: I know this game is controversial, but for me it is the best 3D Mario you can find. A bit 'wider' stage design would have been nice tho. The difficulty level is very good, starts from noob-friendly and goes to "I throw the Gamepad on the wall!". The graphics and the music are perfect as well.

5. Donkey Kong Country Returns/Tropical  Freeze: Features perfect 2.5D jump and run, beautiful graphics and hard levels that tend to be a bit frustrating near the end.
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I should've mentioned before this edit actually:
Pretty much a non-Nintendo list. I'd imagine that this thread would mostly contain things that are barely non-Nintendo, so hey. This list also would've been a bit too predictable with them IMO.

Cave Story (Metroidvania): Honestly more of a masterpiece than Undertale by far. I dislike the amount of attention this game got, it's almost sad. I can not tell you enough how good this game just is. The story is excellent on so many levels, the art style isn't literally made in MS Paint (Toby even said he made the art in MS Paint), it's insanely fun (with some platforming action, some general action, some awesome bosses, etc).

It's just, asdfaghghghahgh. Please play this game. It deserves more attention. It's like Undertale, but it's just so astronomically better.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth/Nuclear Throne (Roguelike Topdowns): Super fun roguelike top-down games, these literally never get old and basically have infinite replay value due to literally procedural level generation and a different set of weapons every time you play. Isaac even has these weapons (items, not really weapons, nothing like guns) combine and make some kind of clusterfuck of ridiculousness..

For example in Isaac, you could combine an item that shoots a laser, with an item that makes your projectiles home in to things, with an item that makes you shoot knives. You'll shoot a laser of knives. That homes into stuff. It's great.

Nuclear Throne also has looping, where if you beat the game once (aka beat the final-final boss), you're gonna find yourself back into the first level. But this time, it's jam-packed with brand new enemies, and this applies for basically every level in the game. There's even some new bosses.

Risk of Rain (Roguelike Platformer): Another roguelike, but this time it's a platformer. There's many different characters, each of which have 4 unique abiliites. You have 3 difficulties, with the last one being legitimately difficult. There's also many different items that have many unique abilities, and a ton of enemies. Your objective is to find the 'teleporter', activate it, and wait for 30 seconds/1 minute (forgot).
During this period of time, a ton of bosses and enemies spawn. You gotta survive, basically.

Honestly what makes this game so fun is just... How generally raw fun it is, and how satisfying some of the items can be. That's honestly it.

Shovel Knight: Pure platforming. Fun bosses, amazing level design, amazing gameplay in general. Again, like the above game, it's just on this list because of how, bloody, FUN it is. It's just such a satisfying experience, unlocking the new levels, beating the boss in every level, and finally reaching the final fort and finishing the game once and for all. Hell, you can even do New Game+, or the brand new DLC...

Plague Knight's campaign. Which I forgot the name of.

Haven't played it yet, but apparently, it's quite the overhaul of the original. Planning on playing it later. But the original game's here, and it's here because it's bloody awesome.

Stardew Valley (Life Simulator): It's like Harvest Moon, I heard. I have a lot of fun playing it, and I play it a LOT. You farm, and that's it. You can interact with the people around your town, and you can gradually improve your farm. You can go and collect many resources scattered around the world, or you can go in the caverns after getting a weapon, and you can mine stone, ores and many other things to make some pretty cool items/decoration/things that sell for a lot.

It sounds boring, but trust me, it's actually pretty fun. It's calm, peaceful, not too hard (but not too easy), and just generally... It's a super fun time imo.

Axiom Verge (Metroidvania): It's pretty much like a Metroid sequel. Awesome bosses, really awesome weapons, is super fun, and the story's bloody excellent. This takes SO MUCH INSPIRATION from Metroid. Very similar art style, hell even play style in some areas. Enough said.

(really into indie okay?)
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One of my old friends introduced me to Cave Story during my first year of high school, and I made it as far as Sand Zone before my old computer stopped working because of my stupid mistake of reinstalling windows. The next time that I was able to play it was on my 3ds, but during this playthrough, I made it to the near end before I accidentally reset my sd card and had to restart, and I remembered something that my friend told me about choices that you make during the second half of the game, and how they affect the ending that you get and a certain area towards the end. But overall, I'd say it's a great game.

A few of my other favorite games are Pokémon Crystal, Super Mario Bros 3 and its re-releases, The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks(or at least what I've played of it, screw the second boss, though), The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, New Super Mario Bros DS, Super Mario World and its re-releases, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, and hopefully The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.
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My favourite video games are:
Mostly Mario Kart games. I really like racing games, and I had very good snaking skills in Mario Kart.

New Super Mario Bros: Nice controls, nice level design.

Super Mario All-Stars: Bundles all the classic Mario games in one. I liked the SMB1 and SMB2J remakes in it more than the others.

Super Mario 64 DS: The first 3D Mario game that played. I was very addicted, but couldn't go past Bowser's Dark World.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2 and 3: These three SEGA genesis games that I've played in the past, but I don't play them much nowadays.
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It's pretty hard for me to pick favorite games but here's a list of the ones I can put over the others:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: One of the best games I've ever played, almost everything about it is wonderful. When you play the game competitively like I do, you appreciate it more, everything works when it doesn't. From the near perfect cast of characters, story mode, trophy/sticker collecting, and playing the game in general somehow almost never gets old. In fact I've played this game so much, the disk is still in almost mint condition.

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest: Specifically Conquest as I'm bias towards Nohr. But this game really gets you, either pick the family that raised you or the one you're related to is actually a hard decision to make. (Saying both doesn't count as you either like Nohr or Hoshido better.) You get really attached to the characters of a certain side and it's actually kinda depressing when someone dies. Sure the story might not be the best but the characters really make it worth it. Also did I mention that this game has really fun multiplayer? It's actually really fun and I probably wont ever get over this game.

Mario Kart DS: Possibly the best Mario Kart. This game all around has the best qualities for a Mario Kart; Great tracks, good music, amazing multiplayer (DS download play), memorable characters, mission mode, and a battle mode that actually works. I still play it to this day with my friends when possible, it's just such a great game to play with friends.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga/Paper Jam: Honestly, I can't decide between either of these two... Both are so similar and just keep me always smiling. The humor is great, gameplay is solid and up beat, and the music is AMAZING. I'm actually having a hard time picking between the two right now... I'll think of more to say later.

New Super Mario Bros. DS: The website's namesake! Likewise with Brawl, hacking the game made me see it differently. The physics are top notch, music is memorable, level design (although easy in some parts) is solid, and it's generally such a feel good game. This game really does it for me, just typing about it really makes me want to play it...

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