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Posted on 09-01-16, 09:42 pm (rev. 2 by  Arisotura on 09-01-16, 09:49 pm)
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I might not be a mod on here anymore because it was pretty much a request to be demoted, but I need to point something out.

Please, please, please, don't fucking wipe a sprite's data on the database and say "See X sprite", because it's stupid and useless. That means the user has to see the original sprite, therefore adding it to the level uselessly just to see the data. That's stupid and it shouldn't be that way. If you think it's good for space, you're wrong. A few fields will not kill anybody.

If it happens and somebody spots it, tell the mods.

StapleButter edit: from now on, anybody doing this gets a ban. Thank you.
Posted on 09-01-16, 09:44 pm (rev. 1 by Asprok on 09-01-16, 09:45 pm)
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I agree. Even though I haven't used NSMBe recently, I remember seeing such notes in the in some sprites in the past and that was annoying as heck.
Posted on 09-01-16, 09:45 pm
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also, remember: the sprite descriptions show up in the goddamn NSMB editor

thank you
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Posted on 09-02-16, 09:11 am (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 09-02-16, 09:11 am)

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Posted by StapleButter
also, remember: the sprite descriptions show up in the goddamn NSMB editor

What does this mean? Also, sorry for wiping spritedata.
Posted on 09-02-16, 09:15 am
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^^The editor uses the sprite database to find the sprite settings. Putting "see x" gives the sprite no data at all in the editor.

Was kinda annoying, that.
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Posted on 09-02-16, 09:54 am
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not only that, but I believe the descriptions and all are also displayed in the editor when you use a given sprite. saying 'see that other sprite' is unhelpful.
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Posted on 09-02-16, 10:21 am (rev. 1 by  skawo on 09-02-16, 10:22 am)

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Something could be put into NSMBe that would let you use the same data for multiple sprites, but there isn't much point.
Posted on 09-02-16, 11:53 am
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Tbh, as I already told  Hiccup, the sprite db in its current form pretty much outlived its usefulness if only for the fact that storing data as bits (1 to 48) instead of nybbles (1 to 12) would be more far more efficient.
And that's not taking into account that nybbles 1 to 4 will always be reserved for Event IDs, always.

To further strengthen my point, take for example nybbles 11-12 of Actors 278 (Water), 279 (Lava) and 281 (Poison Water):
In its current form the sprite db is unable to handle correctly both direction and speed, whereas if parameters were stored as bits instead, you could set bit 41 alone for the direction (0=Up, 1=Down), and bits 42-48 for speed (from 0 to 127) which is exactly how overlay 54 handles those settings for the aforementioned Actors.
Other examples include Actor 240 (Self activating block) where 32 choices are possible for the item selection, and Actors whose length/height is currently limited by a Modulo "something", indicating that the whole nybble is not needed/might not be enough.

This is the conversation I had with Hiccup on the subject:
Hiccup: If you had access to the sprite db, would you convert it into an actor db? Next time dirbaio comes online you should ask him

Me: That would require 3 things:
1°) Modifying NSMBe with Visual Studio to take into account the association Sprite<=>Actor thanks to that table in overlay 0.
2°) Then modify the spritedata.xml into an actordata.xml, I'm pretty sure you get what I mean there.
3°) Once both of these conditions are fulfilled, actually show Dirbaio the project and then ask him to change the sprite database into an actor database.
It has to be Dirbaio since that modification needs someone who have access to the SQL Database to change the column names as well as the associated SQL queries.

Hiccup: For now Iguess ishould reformat the thread to look less like a mess andmore like the sprdb

Me: Also, something I forgot, we should also ask Dirbaio to change the data setup for the database from nybble-wise to bit-wise. For example look at nybbles 10-11 for the Water and you'll see why bit-wise would be the logical way to go.

Hiccup: Indeed. Also, it should be nybbles 1-12, not 0-11, as that makes more sense and matches all the later NSMB game level editors

I want to prove to myself that I am capable of driving the project up to part 2, since part 3 involves requirements out of my control, and maybe that could also serve to prove that I can get something significant done for once that doesn't ends up in immediate failure.
Part 1 is already done, 2 is WIP, and 3 as I said pretty much falls on  Dirbaio.
Posted on 09-02-16, 12:10 pm (rev. 2 by  Hiccup on 09-02-16, 12:11 pm)

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I also think there should be fields for more technical data about the actors/sprites.
* "class hierarchy" info
* full actor set and overlay info
* info on how the actor/setting is used (spawned by other actors as actor/sprite, placed in level, unused)
* if the actor/setting is functional
Posted on 09-02-16, 12:15 pm
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why not? bug Dirbaio about it though, he's the only one who can do it.

and seeing how hard it is to get NinaBot back, well...
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