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Posted on 08-05-16, 02:06 pm
Fuzz Ball
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It's the unofficial official NSMBHD Adventure Game, with swords, gold, Toads and stuff.
Posted on 08-05-16, 03:05 pm
Red Paragoomba

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The story begins at NSMBHD Castle, where king StapleButter has asked you to go save Treeki from the evil SKJmin.
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Posted on 08-05-16, 03:24 pm
banned for purposefully altering people's posts, among other things. THIS IS A LIE!! oh but he's still banned.

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SKJmin captures Peach and Super-toad 65, and threatens to hand Treeki over to themasterkoopa if he doesn't get his $666000000 from the admins

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Posted on 08-05-16, 03:46 pm

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Hamza gives SKJmin his $666000000.

He has a jarring realization, that he isn't an admin. And that they were Zimbabwean dollars.
Posted on 08-05-16, 03:54 pm
Fuzz Ball
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SKJmin captured Hamza as soon as he got the money from him.

We had to make a plan with the whole community how to get to SKJmin's castle and how to recscue Peach and Hamza.
Posted on 08-05-16, 04:02 pm

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Hamza looks around the jail cell, only to find a trapdoor to SKJ's basement.


It's a stack of porn magazines.

He backs away slowly, and tries not to tread foot into the horrifying basement of SKJmin again, ignoring anything and everything that could have been hidden in the basement (including the slight amount of sunlight coming through a small gap in the huge stack of porn magazines).
Posted on 08-05-16, 09:37 pm (rev. 2 by  newluigidev on 08-06-16, 09:33 am)
Buzzy Beetle

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A pipe appears... And SKJmin comes out. You must fight him. Hamza pulls out a Fire Flower and burns him. He dies instantly, which gives Hamza the chance to escape. He manages, and gets away (continue the story)
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Posted on 08-06-16, 05:39 am
Roy Koopa
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 MarioFanatic64 remembers events long since past, and experiences an amazing sense of deja vu. Was D.U.S.T. going to reform once again?
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Posted on 08-06-16, 06:30 pm (rev. 1 by  KingYoshi on 08-06-16, 06:31 pm)
Fuzz Ball
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We couldn't think of a good plan with the whole community, so there came four teams.

1. Team Dutch
containing: me, Kankerkoekjesdief, RiksKing, Wesley, Yami and Mariomaster who was kicked out of Team Arceus.

2. Team Arceus
containing Arceus and other German people.

3. Team Mario
containing all people who have 'Mario' in their name.

4. Team Banned
containing all banned users (except SKJMin).
Posted on 08-06-16, 07:27 pm

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Meanwhile, while the others were thinking of a plan, Hamza kept looking around the jail cell, and made an interesting discovery.

There was a brick, that seemed out of place - as in it was shorter than all other bricks. Much shorter.
Wondering if he should interact with the out of place brick in the wall in some way, he decided to push it. He saw it in the movies...

It DID push, but it seemingly did nothing. He was thinking that this was not right. So he, shivering, set foot into the basement, once again.

He saw that the porn magazines had disappeared.

"Huh?!", he remarked. He further looked around the room, and remembered the small hole that light was shining through that he has seen from the corner of his eye, from his earlier venture into the basement.

He checked out the hole, and found an extremely soft object that could likely be easily pushed by a thin object, lying on a switch. It seemed to be pressing the switch down, thus having something be constantly activated.

He, thinking for a fairly long time, heard footsteps come from the basement trapdoor, and was startled, and perhaps even slightly terrified...
Posted on 08-15-16, 05:35 pm
That MvL Hacker

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Hamza then realized that the noise was just a goomba and ignored it, but then Bowser Jr makes the goomba a Mega Goomba, and so he must fight the Mega Goomba. He flipped the switch he found under the object and 2 platforms appeared to make it easier to ground pound the Mega Goomba. He wins and the goomba drops a key, but Hanza has no clue as to what it goes to...
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Posted on 08-15-16, 05:49 pm (rev. 1 by  KingYoshi on 08-15-16, 05:49 pm)
Fuzz Ball
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D.U.S.T. attacked MarioFanatic64.
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