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Posted on 07-05-16, 10:09 pm (rev. 8 by  MeroMero on 08-30-16, 10:04 pm)
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Oh that? This is the result of a PM conversation.
Simply put you can say that this is a portable ASM-Template!
How to use?
Just copy the source folder directly in the ASMPatchTemplate-Master folder, and you're ready to import all those ASM Hacks in your game.
As a bonus there is a xDelta patch in there too, so that you can then export all the files below to your hacked ROM.
Some files are necessary to get due to some of those ASM patches (those in red).

The archive also comes with xdeltaUI, as well as a modified version of NSMBe with 3 new elements:
  • Sprite 93 data was optimized for easy customization.
  • NSMBe now opens bncd files in 8 bpp mode by default, also Tile Count was doubled to allow you to import any icon in bncd files with the right amount of tiles
  • ASM patcher handles 2 new methods:
    • xrpl: which replace the 4 bytes on where you hook the code into a BLX instruction
    • lrpl: which replace the 6 bytes on where you hook the code into a PUSH LR followed by a BLX instruction, which is only needed in case you want to modify a part of THUMB code that uses the BX LR return method

The xDelta patch (US version), once applied, will modify:
  • the jyotyu tileset and first palette
  • the subnohara tileset

as well as the following files:
  • d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_B_ncl.bin
  • d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_R_ncl.bin
  • d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_W_ncl.bin
  • d_2d_TEN_A_J_jyotyu_ncg.bin
  • I_score_l_ncg.bin
  • A_block_hahen_ncg.bin
  • A_block_ncg.bin
  • A_tikuwa_block_ncg.bin
  • I_kakushitobira_ncg.bin
  • I_minigame_block_ncg.bin
  • W_tobira.nsbmd
  • gorem_body.nsbmd
  • gorem_head.nsbmd
  • gorem_head1.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_block.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_normal.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_normal2.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_pata.nsbmd
  • pata_block.nsbmd
  • puyo_lift.nsbtx
  • all_goal_flag.nsbmd
  • all_goal_flagR.nsbmd
  • obj_goal_flag.nsbmd
  • obj_goal_flagR.nsbmd
  • w4_move.nsbca
  • I_hashira_l.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_ld.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_lu.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_r.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_rd.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_ru.nsbtx
  • I_toride1.nsbtx
  • I_toride2.nsbtx
  • I_toride3.nsbtx
  • I_toride4.nsbtx
  • I_toride5.nsbtx
  • I_toride6.nsbtx
  • I_toride7.nsbtx
  • I_toride8.nsbtx
  • I_toride9.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_4.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_5.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_6.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_7.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_8.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_9.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_10.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_11.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_12.nsbtx
  • d_2d_UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncl.bin
  • UI_O_1P_course_select_d.nce.bncd
  • UI_O_1P_course_select_o_ud_ncl.bin
  • UI_O_1P_course_select_u.ncg.bin
  • UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncg.bin

It will also add 3 new folders!
  • visual_course
    • 000_dummy.bin
    • and 2220 other files, 12 for each of the 185 areas

  • volume_hatena
    • I_hatena_normal.nsbmd
    • I_hatena_normalB.nsbmd
    • I_hatena_normalR.nsbmd
    • I_hatena_normalW.nsbmd
    • pata_block.nsbmd
    • pata_blockB.nsbmd
    • pata_blockR.nsbmd
    • pata_blockW.nsbmd
    • puyo_lift.nsbtx
    • puyo_liftB.nsbtx
    • puyo_liftR.nsbtx
    • puyo_liftW.nsbtx

  • visual_course
    • 10 Signboards, 1 Pipe joint, and 32 Pipes

Are present in the source folder:
  • Dedicated graphics per Area (areatileset.s)
  • Dedicated graphics per View (areareload.s)
  • Improved SubNohara tileset (subnoharaV2.s)
  • Improved Title Logo (titlelogo256.s)
  • Improved Worldmap icons (mapicons.s)
  • Improved Blue Shell (blueshell.s)
  • Improved score graphics (scoreV2.s)
  • Improved Jyotyu Blocks + Blockhopper camouflage (jyotyusuper.s)
  • Improved Snake Blocks + Ice Snake Blocks (snakeblocksV2.s)
  • Improved behavior for clones + possibility of cloning Luigi (clone.s)
  • Improved Red Coins Ring (redringV2.s)
  • Improved item selection for Red Coins (redcoinsV2.s)
  • NSLU Luigi physics (luigiphysics.s)
  • Fixed pipes (pipefix.s)
  • Fixed Mini-Mario under low gravity (minigravity.s)
  • Fixed Springboard glitches (springboardfix.s)
  • Fixed Big Swooper hitbox (swooperfix.s)
  • Fixed Balloon Boo hitbox in Boo mode (balloonboofix.s)
  • Fixed Starman lack of hitbox on Ground-Pound (starmanfix.s)
  • Fixed Bouncing Bricks (bouncingbricksfix.s)
  • Mini-Mushroom can pass on small gaps (minimushroomfix.s)
  • Buzzy Beetle and Spiny can't pass on small gaps (spinybeetlefix.s)
  • Fixed momentum loss on edge corner (edgegrabV2.s by Powerline)
  • Water, Lava and Poison Water behave correctly on lowering (liquidfix.s)
  • Star Coins are worth 4000 points (starcoin4000.s)
  • Star Coins are collected faster (starcoinfast.s)
  • No freeze (nofreeze.s)
  • Choose when to freeze the timer for any given View (freezetimer.s)
  • Freeze timer while Event ID 40 is active (timestop.s)
  • Signboards and Pipes on highest layer priority (signboardupgrade.s)
  • Choose which Actors not to kill on level completion (levelendkillerchooser.s)

All the contents present in the "source" folder must be put in the eponymous folder in the ASMPatchTemplate-Master.

First apply the xDelta patch with xDelta UI, no questions asked, and only then you can do a "Run 'make' and insert" with NSMB editor to import the ASM hacks you want.
Note that the source folder must contain the file named "nsmb.h" that you should already have if you use the ASM-Template to begin with.
Also the ASM hacks in red MUST be present due to some necessary files being modified by the xDelta patch.

For obvious reasons, the xDelta patch must be applied on a clean ROM.
But if you wanted to apply the modified files on a heavily modified ROM, then just patch a clean ROM and export all the necessary files to your modded ROM.

For the beginners: if for some reason you can't "Run clean" or "Run make and insert" with NSMB editor even after having installed DevkitPro, open the Makefile in Notepad(++) and go to line 79 to delete -lgcc, then it should work cleanly.

NEW: If you want all 31 ASM Hacks, good news! There's also a xDelta patch that comes with all the mods incorporated in the source folder!

Oh and before you ask, all of those hacks were tested on a NDS Lite!

Now you can go crazy!
Posted on 07-06-16, 05:46 am
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I have some a lot of questions about this:

1) can multiple xdelta patches been applied on the same rom?
2) can xdelta patches been applied along .nmp patches in the same rom?

That's all for now
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Posted on 07-06-16, 05:52 am
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(By my reasoning), yes, you can, but you have to make sure that you don't the same files in any of the patches; otherwise, they will be overwritten, which you probably don't want.
Posted on 07-06-16, 12:13 pm

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xdelta only works with the original file it was intended for. So no multiple xdelta patches.

NMP patches can be applied anytime.

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Posted on 07-14-16, 08:16 pm
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OP updated with a new download link!

Also those 4 ASM Hacks were updated due to them not working on a flashcart.
Jyotyu super update
Bouncing Bricks
Mini Mushroom + Buzzy Beetle & Spiny

Look at this thread to see in detail what the massive update is about!
Posted on 07-15-16, 10:03 pm
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OP updated again with improved Snake Blocks, as well as the addition of Ice Snake Blocks.

Also tilesets for 1-Tower Area 3 and 7-A Area 1 were also upgraded to match those of the original game.
Posted on 07-25-16, 12:08 am

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As this includes many fixes, do you think you should add this: ?
It makes jumping smoother like in later games and powerline experienced improved Mario vs. Luigi with it too
Posted on 07-26-16, 05:02 pm
Hammer Brother

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Posted by MeroMero
  • Fixed pipes (pipefix.s)

  • What does this thingie do actually?
    Posted on 07-26-16, 05:47 pm (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 07-26-16, 05:48 pm)
    Death by cuteness

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    This mod:
    _makes Mario always enter and exit a vertical pipe exactly at the center to prevent Shell Mario's shell from being seen;
    _makes Mario always enter and exit a horizontal pipe 1/8th of a tile higher to prevent Shell Mario's belly from being seen;
    _fixes horizontal pipes' entry point to be the same no matter from where you try to enter said pipe, which is useful if you try to enter the pipe while standing on a vertical moving lift for example.
    Posted on 07-28-16, 09:42 pm
    Death by cuteness

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    OP updated with the following hacks:
    _improved jyotyu now includes the bouncing bricks
    _4000 points per Star Coin
    _Worldmap icons with 255 colors each
    _No freeze patch originally by  Dirbaio
    _Snake Blocks and Ice Snake Blocks with the possibility to throw them into an endless loop
    _improved clones behavior
    _liquids fix on lowering
    _edge grab fix by Powerline
    _improved code for dedicated graphics per View
    Posted on 07-29-16, 10:00 pm

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    meromero'm having problems with the import of asm hack
    Posted on 07-29-16, 10:01 pm

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    Perhaps providing details as to what those problems are would be beneficial?
    Just a thought?
    Posted on 07-30-16, 10:18 am (rev. 1 by  Ultraboy on 07-30-16, 08:57 pm)

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    Posted by skawo
    Perhaps providing details as to what those problems are would be beneficial?
    Just a thought?

    when I import the file that contains the ASM hack when amount and open the file that contains the ASM hack and open the rom, the rom crashes
    Posted on 07-30-16, 02:57 pm
    Banned for being a complete retard.

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    Could you provide a print-screen?
    Posted on 08-02-16, 02:53 pm
    Death by cuteness

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    _Graphics per View updated: (fixes music continuation on View change)
    _Snake Blocks updated: (you can select 1 speed setting out of 4 now)
    _Freeze timer for any given View
    _Fast Star Coins
    _Red Ring in any of the 4 colors palette
    _path south of 4-1 fixed
    Posted on 08-02-16, 03:11 pm

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    meromero you make a video on importing these ASM hack because even if I follow your explanation I do not get the desired results.
    Posted on 08-02-16, 03:21 pm
    Death by cuteness

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    You can just apply the NSMB (U) ASM.xdelta patch without having to do anything else.
    Posted on 08-02-16, 03:29 pm

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    Posted by MeroMero
    You can just apply the NSMB (U) ASM.xdelta patch without having to do anything else.

    I must apply the ASM in a Rom and I would like to know what are the files that I need to export. (files that esporterò I import them into my hack already modified)
    Posted on 08-02-16, 03:32 pm
    Death by cuteness

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    What ASM Hacks do you need? Then I'll be able to tell what files you will need to extract.
    Posted on 08-02-16, 04:34 pm

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    Posted by MeroMero
    What ASM Hacks do you need? Then I'll be able to tell what files you will need to extract.

    I need all the ASM hacks you've listed in this thread.
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