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Posted on 06-11-16, 03:41 pm

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Hey, I've been trying to play NSMB Hacks on my ds, but i just can't patch the hacks onto my Rom. Anybody knows the Problem?
Posted on 06-11-16, 03:52 pm

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Perhaps if you described what the problem actually was...?
Posted on 06-11-16, 03:54 pm (rev. 1 by  TruelyJohn64 on 06-11-16, 03:55 pm)

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Did you set it to Wumbo?

You are using a flash cart correct? Because I don't think you can patch the actual card itself...
Even then, does it even work on your DS?
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Posted on 06-12-16, 08:42 am

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If i use xdeltaUI, it says checksum fail. If i use xdeltaGUI and press apply patch nothing happens.
Posted on 06-12-16, 02:22 pm

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Checksum fail means the ROM doesn't match the ROM used for the patch. Use the right ROM.

xdeltaGUI is crap
Posted on 06-12-16, 04:08 pm
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It's common when the developer patch your room but, if open original room and save for any reason, could change it, and the patch crash even been patched.

I don't know xdeltaGUI, but I use xdeltaUI. The last Is just an interface to xdelta, and spit out the error from console. The version that I use and works with each final list hack from NSMBHD can be found here.
Posted on 06-12-16, 04:50 pm

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Basically, the solution is to keep trying with another rom, since with Xdelta, it has to be exactly the same one they used, and they are different NSMB roms out there (Mostly by different release teams, trimmed roms, etc.)

Posted on 06-12-16, 05:05 pm (rev. 1 by Thierry on 07-25-16, 08:38 am)

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Else, if they're still active, you can have the creator of the hack export all the edited content manually to a clean, common unedited ROM. And then release a new patch.

Or just have them PM you the ROM so you do it and release the new patch.
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