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Posted on 02-21-16, 04:17 am (rev. 1 by  Ndymario on 02-21-16, 04:18 am)
That MvL Hacker

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Hello reader o' forum, these are some ideas I had so let's go!

1.The Remix should have a "shop" in it-
By this I mean that in the hub thing to the far left/right there would be a shop that would replace the bonus theme changer/blue toad house (the one you unlock from beating the game) that you could trade cons from the total coins you've collected and that when you hit the block you could use the coins to either a.An item spawns and you can grab it b.An item goes into your item reserve

2.We should make Luigi a more useful character-
By this I mean that there should be some things that only Mario can do and only things Luigi can do, such as (if i reference M or L the same applies for the other) there could be Luigi only pipe/door.Also there could be levels that Require Luigi or certain star coins that only he can get *explained next* and etc. The main thing we could do is give Luigi "Luigi Physics", by this i mean that we could try to implement something similar seen in NSLU and have a block that toggles this for Luigi Only

3.We should *try* to port this to NSMB2
Like the title says try to port the stuff we can to NSMB2. Before you say it, yes i realize that this Remix is for the celebration of the NSMBHD community dedicated to NSMB DS, but, since NSMB2 hacking is becoming popular because of C0in Killer coming out that porting this on to that would be a good idea (We could call it NSCR2).

That's all i have to say, remember these are just ideas and that if you don't like it, that's fine, but don't say that's a stupid idea...etc because these are my own ideas and you might have different opinions. (But i don't care if you say it's not possible...but i think you knew that)

This has been Ndymario,signing out
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Posted on 02-21-16, 09:33 am
Red Goomba
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Those are actually cool ideas but i don't think its possible (maybe very hard).
Posted on 02-21-16, 09:39 am
Fire Brother

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You may didn't notice, but the Community Remix is kinda dead (at the moment).
Posted on 02-21-16, 05:48 pm

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Ehem... port to NSMB2? Do you even know what you are asking for? That would be near impossible at the current state that nds and 3ds hacking is.

I wouldn't like to have Luigi-only star coins. Why not just give him a slightly bigger jump and longer slide like in Super Mario Galaxy?
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Posted on 02-21-16, 10:59 pm (rev. 1 by  Ndymario on 02-21-16, 11:00 pm)
That MvL Hacker

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@King Yoshi, I know this just throwing out ideas

@OneOf99 ment like the level edits not the asm and all that
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Posted on 04-29-16, 11:32 pm
Red Koopa
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Not bad ideas, but Porting to NSMB 2 even without ASM is a little to much to ask for.
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Posted on 04-30-16, 01:55 am
Roy Koopa
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Porting to NSMB2 make zero sense. This is a NSMBDS hacking community. Might as well just go start a group project with the NSMB2 community.

Anyway, the Community Remix has fallen to an impossible-to-revive state. Then again, without real leadership this thing never had a chance.
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Posted on 04-30-16, 02:07 am
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I agree with  MarioFanatic64, it would barely make any sense.
There wouldn't be much to port: there are only a few levels, a few non NSMB2-compatible tilesets, and.. that's it.

And who would be up for that, anyway? People would rather try out new content than a remake of old DS stuff.
Posted on 04-30-16, 02:12 am

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The problem is we tried making some advanced ASM stuff, like the door overworld akin to sm64.

I suppose we could give it a shot into making just a level mod, kinda like the birthday hack, but we already have the tilesets.

The problem would be quality control, as we can't accept any random level...

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