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Posted on 06-30-15, 11:00 am
Buster Beetle
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No, no, put your shotgun down, I'm not asking for you guys to make French translations nobody really cares about.

As I felt like doing it, I started myself translating most things into the French.ini because I got bored and that my life is pointless anyway. (...At least on this forum.)

Get it here >

While this is far from being complete, this "first version" already contains:

-The tiny window that shows up when you start the editor
-Mostly translated "Main menu" interface
-Sprite sets >> Sprites themselves are still needing translations
-Some message windows
-Music names (Bouuuhh! La maison de la peur!)
-Most (NEEDS TRANSLATION) that I found were important
-Some changes in the tileset editor (and graphic editors in general, I believe)
-Bunch of random stuf translated here and here

There is still a whole NEEDS TRANSLATION thing on one of the main window because I didn't found where it was located in the text file, help appreciated, I guess.

I might continue this, bits by bits someday.
...Also, excuse me if this wasn't the right place to post this in.
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Posted on 06-30-15, 03:06 pm (rev. 5 by  CreativiPie on 06-30-15, 04:38 pm)
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Whoo, finally something to do instead of being dead and roaming around, fighting with StarLand in PMs.

I'm gonna continue this.

Nice progress btw, everything you translated is pretty accurate.

EDIT: (because can't doublepost)
Alright, here is a new file. What I did:

-Translated obvious NEEDS TRANSLATION things

I didn't translate a bunch of them because I have no idea of what they are supposed to be.

-Fixed A LOT of poor translation

-Fixed A LOT of typos

Basically, all that is needed to translate now is the NEEDS TRANSLATION things that aren't translated. If anyone wants, anyone could proofread this and fix things I somehow missed, even though that's unlikely (got dem french skills)

Posted on 06-30-15, 06:31 pm
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Well you did what I already was doing (maybe a better way, unsure), so I'll stop.
Posted on 06-30-15, 07:42 pm (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 06-30-15, 07:47 pm)
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Okay, I noticed a few little mistakes I did and I thought I'd update it.

@Thierry, you might as well proofread my stuff
Posted on 03-27-16, 05:58 pm

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I know this post is a little bit old, but I'm french and I can help you if you want!
I'm new here but I use this software a while ago... x)

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