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Posted on 11-27-14, 01:36 pm (rev. 13 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 12-31-14, 12:59 pm)

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And here it is. 2014 is almost ending, and 2015 is behind the doors. What are your plans for 2015? Money? Success? List them here!

P.S: Feel free to have a look at the old thread.
Posted on 11-27-14, 04:24 pm

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Not to be offtopic (or just talk about the domain), but It'll be nice if nsmbhd had snowflakes, just like maybe SMW Central?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, and hopely Merry Chirtmas, and one year later happy new year.
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Posted on 11-27-14, 04:48 pm

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It'll be nice if nsmbhd had snowflakes, just like maybe SMW Central?

Nah. Would just make us look like copycats.
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Posted on 11-27-14, 04:52 pm
Red Koopa

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Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas. That hack is very nice.
Posted on 11-27-14, 05:28 pm (rev. 1 by  Wesley on 11-27-14, 05:30 pm)
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The first main demo of New super holiday bros that includes a challenging first world and a fully working multi player gamemode will be released between now and 20 December.

It took me quite a long time to get around a few glitches which where tough to fix, but that is all done now.
Stay in touch.

P.s Enjoy stomping the "Christmas Goomba's" who are walking at the bottom of the page.

New Super Holiday Bros - Mario Kart GTA San Andreas
Posted on 12-03-14, 06:41 pm (rev. 2 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:10 am)

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With every change in season, I update my Steam avatar. (don't ask me why)

Here are the current variations:

Normal > Halloween > Christmas

Kinda proud of them, since you barely find users with avatars like these on Steam.
Posted on 12-05-14, 05:43 pm (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:10 am)
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Posted by P-Wing
Isn't the hat from TF2?
Posted on 12-15-14, 10:00 pm
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Unfortunately i wasn't able today to release NSHB together with a big posts that shows all it's new content.
I am really sorry for that. My plate is full of school work right now.
So i am moving the release date to Saturday 20 December. Arg...

Please show understanding.
New Super Holiday Bros - Mario Kart GTA San Andreas
Posted on 12-15-14, 10:52 pm, deleted by  Dirbaio
Posted on 12-25-14, 07:04 am (rev. 1 by thereturnofdoritosxD on 12-25-14, 07:10 am)

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Dunno about you, but in here, it's the 25th of December, so I guess that I should give my Christmas wishes to everyone in here.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! May your 2015 be filled with joy and happiness.
Posted on 12-25-14, 11:50 am

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I celebrated Christmas, yesterday evening.
Posted on 12-25-14, 05:50 pm
Boomerang Brother

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I celebrate Christmas today with eating a lot of oliebollen.
Posted on 12-25-14, 06:38 pm

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Oliebol, it always makes me vomit, for some reason.
Posted on 12-28-14, 05:55 pm, deleted by  Arisotura: uh... no
Posted on 12-30-14, 04:19 pm
Red Koopa

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
Posted on 12-31-14, 01:42 am
Roy Koopa
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So there's about eleven hours until the clock strikes 12 in Australia.

I think we all know what that means...
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Posted on 12-31-14, 09:57 am
Boomerang Brother

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It's almost 11.00AM here in the Netherlands. So there are thirteen hours of 2014 left. :')
Posted on 12-31-14, 05:44 pm
Red Koopa

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14 hours and for me it's New Year's day!!!
Posted on 12-31-14, 05:54 pm
☭ coffee and cream

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Planning Kuribo64 restructuring and other fancy shit.
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Posted on 12-31-14, 06:08 pm (rev. 1 by  Izmirnator on 12-31-14, 08:22 pm)

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-Finish my Mini-Hack Mario in Retro Land.
-Making more progress in Tanooki Adventure.
-Maybe starting a playthrough of an game.
-Maybe getting a GCW-Zero.
-Improving my level design skills.
-Maybe start New Super Mario 2D World.
-Trying to make a Super Mario 64 DS Hack.

That's all i have in my head.
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