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Posted on 12-31-14, 06:09 pm

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Oh, yes. The edit...
And here it is. 2014 is almost ending, and 2015 is behind the doors. What are your plans for 2015? Money? Success? List them here!
My plans, anyways, are...

-Stop being a lazy ass, and try to explore more NSMB hacking.
-Learn programming stuff.
-Dedicate more time to school.
-Try to lose weight. (hoh)

Basically, all the usual stuff that I wish every year, but that never happen.
Posted on 12-31-14, 06:22 pm (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 12-31-14, 09:52 pm)
me some orange juice my hand

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-Find a way to hack games with this god damned Mac, which I most likely will not

-Actually start making youtube videos

-Finish my minecraft server. That I'm pretty sure I will do, as I set an actual release date.

-Motivate myself to brush my teeth twice everyday. Seriously.

-Find something to do here so I don't die

-Stop being really hard on myself

-Moderate less so I can focus on building and youtubing

Basically, all the usual stuff that nobody cares about.
Posted on 12-31-14, 06:38 pm

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Hopefully, I'll finally complete my Japanese Vocab learning, and I'll go through about 2000 Kanji's, within 4 months.
Also, I'll finally take the effort, to learn, how to properly make 2D/3D Art.
What's for sure, is that I'll be Freelancing, for a living.
Finally, I'll just continue with stuff I've already been doing, like Mario Kart 7 Hacking, managing, and YaBS (my Blogging Software) Fixes/Features.

Releasing my Blogging Software happened before New Year, so I won't put it, on my TODO List.
Posted on 12-31-14, 07:40 pm

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I think, Netflix has something like a countdown on New Years, er something.
Can't wait for FLYING JETPACKS!
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Posted on 12-31-14, 10:13 pm
When you push enter... this happens.ç

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So here me and all spanish people are 1 hour away from 2015. Also, for 2015, my plans are:

-Do not die.

And that's probably it.
CSMB is cancelled. Instead, I'll be doing a mini hack soon.
Posted on 01-01-15, 10:54 pm (rev. 1 by Yami on 01-01-15, 10:55 pm)

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Posted by Yami
I'll go through about 2000 Kanji's, within 4 months.

Plans changed: It's 1 month, instead of 4.
I narrowed down this Goal, after today's batch of Kanji's, as I saw, it's perfectly possible, to learn ~2000 Kanji's, in only January, as long as I work hard, on it.
Posted on 01-02-15, 12:47 am
Roy Koopa
The guy who does things.

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-Personal Business
-Endless Earth
-Secret Stuff
-And Things!
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Posted on 01-02-15, 01:34 am

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My Goals for 2015:
> Kiss a Girl That I Like/is Pretty
> Get a Girlfriend
> Become more Feminine
> Be able to Talk to Somepony I Like Without Feeling Nervous
Posted on 01-02-15, 09:51 pm (rev. 1 by  SaturnYoshi on 01-02-15, 09:51 pm)
Giant Red Koopa

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Dude, I dont think we need to know all that.

-Wait I didnt finish LMA! That was meant to be done weeks ago!
-Release a demo for- oh yeah, thats a secret.
Posted on 01-10-15, 02:32 pm

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My plans for 2015? Er...Actually try to buy a Wii U for my birthday this year, and...that's about it.

I don't really make New Year's resolutions anymore, since I doubt I'd follow through on them.
Posted on 01-10-15, 02:43 pm

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in about 2 days i will buy a wiiu too!
Posted on 01-10-15, 04:25 pm (rev. 1 by  newsuperhackboys on 01-10-15, 04:36 pm)

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Posted by SR13DS
My Goals for 2015:
> Kiss a Girl That I Like/is Pretty
Are you serious?! Your gender is female! It says that on your profile. Unless, your making it up.
Edit: Meh, just ignore this

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Posted on 01-10-15, 04:29 pm
☭ coffee and cream

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Genders on the board don't really mean something, there are people purposely selecting the wrong gender for shits and giggles.

And even if SR13DS is a female, where is the problem?
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Posted on 01-10-15, 05:58 pm

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Posted by Chris Highwind
I don't really make New Year's resolutions anymore, since I doubt I'd follow through on them.

Tip: Be specific, with New Years Resolutions, otherwise, they will fail.
Look at mine, for example, where I even include a Deadline, in each Resolution, and what I want to reach.

Get to N2 Proficiency in Japanese, by the end of April.
Make 10 NSMB Levels, by 25 February 2015.
Posted on 01-10-15, 06:26 pm (rev. 1 by on 01-10-15, 06:27 pm)
Buster Beetle
Intérieurement fou... ou juste idiot?

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Meh... Homosexuals are allowed to live, aren't they? I don't know how there are still people that hate them.
But this is the world we're living in today, still plenty of idiots...
EDIT: And this is a fucking New Year plan thread, why are you guys talking of this...
I took as new plan to get every legendary in ORAS as a shiny, and also to be less an asshole with some people I dislike in real life...
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Posted on 01-10-15, 06:40 pm

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Goals for 2015:
> Finish and maybe release Slush Board.
> Get better at hacking NSMB.
> Improve my knowledge of css and php.
Posted on 01-10-15, 08:13 pm
Captivated by Persona 4

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I have a lot of things I want to do, but my number 1 is definitely wanting to finish my own Ace Attorney Trial series. (And hope I won't lose motivation for a change)
I apologize to everyone for my horrible English.
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