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Posted on 03-30-14, 05:03 am
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Problem: As title describes.
Build: Latest, 376.

Left-clicking is behaving weird when I edit levels while zooming in, especially 200% level. It drags across the level, clicking random objects, and replace them with current object selected, in this case it is Object 0.

However, other zooming level like 125% or normal 100% has nothing strange with my mouse.

I hope it's not just me who experience this.


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Posted on 03-30-14, 08:16 am
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It's not just you, I noticed it too.

Selecting, moving and placing tiles is seriously buggy when using the Zoom function.
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Posted on 03-30-14, 01:31 pm
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I have too. I was gonna make a thread like this before you, but I didn't know how to explain it
Posted on 03-30-14, 04:27 pm
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Fixed! There was some incorrect math used to calculate the mouse coordinates after zooming in.
Posted on 04-17-14, 08:49 pm
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I post it here because it´s almost the same:

Build: Latest 377.

Scrolling with the mouse wheel is buggy too when using zoom. If bigger than 100 it´s taking it to the left if smaller than 100 it is taking it to the right.
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Posted on 04-18-14, 02:14 am
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Good catch. It has now been fixed.
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