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Posted on 11-21-12, 09:22 am (rev. 1 by JanFrancesco on 11-21-12, 12:58 pm)

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hello all,I noticed one other visual (smaller than the normal).
For example,at the final boss, or by using spinning jump board, or by using the cannon pipe.
Is there a way to set this visual?
Posted on 11-21-12, 11:11 am
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what do you meaqn by "one other visual"?
Posted on 11-21-12, 02:15 pm
Doesn't actually do anything.

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The only thing I know of that those things have in common is that the camera zooms out.

There is a zoom sprite, but I don't know how to use it so I couldn't tell you.
Posted on 11-21-12, 02:24 pm

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Oh now I get what you mean by "visual".
You can use the Zoom Sprite like  TRS already mentioned. It is the best way to do that.
Though zooming out too far makes the game look bad and grainy. So don't zoom out to far.
Posted on 11-21-12, 03:05 pm

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ok thanks (just what I was looking), but reading this topic, I did not understand how to use the sprite 84.
Does anybody know how to use it?
Posted on 11-21-12, 03:12 pm

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I think that this sprite is in the Sprite DB. So there is no need to know these values.
Posted on 11-23-12, 01:38 pm
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If you have read sprite DB and still don't get the gist, take this.
Hope this helps.

Posted by NsmB_PrO
Oh now I get what you mean by "visual".

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