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Posted on 11-03-12, 01:45 pm (rev. 16 by  CreativiPie on 07-09-13, 08:14 pm)
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For those who looked at my bio, it was marked I was working on a hack.

Well, here it is!

This is a hack of some sprites and all the levels. I will get from world 1 to 8. The worlds doesn't have any name.


-Remade tower and castle textures on the world map!
-Remade levels!
-(not really) remade tilesets!
-remade ? block in a ! block!

-and other things!

Screenshots of world 1:

Sorry if the images are of low quality. I took them playing on my NDS, with a iPod Touch.

I took those DS-quality new ones with DeSmuMe!


I will update at each half-world completed.The hack isn't complete, so check every week or so for updates!

If you want to help in making the hack, or testing when I release, just send me a PM. I will reply as soon as possible!
Posted on 11-03-12, 01:51 pm

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Cool, great hack, but you have to use the emulator to sreenshot, he quality of the images are very low^^ But this hack is very cool^^
Posted on 11-03-12, 04:25 pm
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Yeah you should really use an emulator to take the screenshots
And if you can't for whatever reason, you could make the images smaller before posting them
Posted on 11-03-12, 04:30 pm
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I posted them like that, because I wanted to do a thread about the hack the faster I could. But I'm going to fix this.

And now, a question for those who screenshotted in other threads... What is the better program to take screenshots?
Posted on 11-03-12, 04:32 pm (rev. 1 by pikachu385 on 11-03-12, 04:33 pm)

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Desmume, load the stage and reach a determined point and click in the menu and screehshot ^^ Its very easy
Posted on 11-03-12, 04:36 pm
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Thank you. I'm going to fix that.
Posted on 11-09-12, 02:07 am
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It's already fixed from a couple of... days!

So... no one want to help? Oh, nevermind.
Posted on 11-11-12, 06:03 pm (rev. 4 by  CreativiPie on 11-12-12, 01:35 pm)
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Hey guys, while testing the level "2-2" (that's not released), it freezed each time I played it, at the same point. It got freezed only on my nds, not on DesMuME emu. Do you know what could happen at that point, or in the level?

EDIT: I changed the background, and now it works.

Posted on 12-13-12, 02:23 am (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 12-17-12, 11:27 pm)
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This means that I'm:

-Going to not release soon OR:

-Going to finish 2-3, then release.


-I rushed more in doing my world 1 so that anyone wouldn't get that idea before me;

-I have other things to do;

-I'm lazy sometimes (not always).

EDIT: Next release will have bugfixes mentionned more below and will be the most advanced possible in world 2.
Posted on 12-13-12, 10:51 pm
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You have some interesting level design, but there are a few issues:

* Goombas and several other things are glitched (but perhaps this comes from me importing the patch to an EUR ROM?)
* 1-1 is too hard. A hammer bro in the first level is a little mean.
* at some point, said hammer bro somehow disappeared, and came back when I got past it?
* some tiles in 1-1 (the middle part) don't fit together, leaving blank spaces inbetween
* when you enter the underground area, you have to jump quick or the Goomba touches you
* the idea for that bonus room is interesting, but blarg, I couldn't get the starcoin because I had to jump to avoid the enemies, and I got the coins...

1-2 has a few issues as well. Namely, camera glitches in the beginning. I find the beginning room to be large and empty, too. So... I enter the red pipe, and come out from a yellow pipe I like the red pipe room, though.
Then I try the yellow pipe... after you've got the coin, blarg, one-block jumps. Not cool.
Then the green pipe. In that room, the slopes are glitched. This can be annoying with the Koopa shells. At some point, there are more camera issues, it stays too low, you can barely see Mario's legs. And the part with the switches and Spinies is just assholish.
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Posted on 12-14-12, 12:57 am (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 12-14-12, 12:59 am)
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Sorting by post order:

Glitched: What do you mean? Are they blue?

1-1 is too hard: Ok. I'll put out the hammer bros. and the large gap.

1-1 tiles: Ok. I'll fix that.

1-1 underground goomba: Ok. I'll put the goomba somewhere else.

1-1 bonus: A screenshot, please?

1-2 camera: Ok, I'll try to find the issue.

1-2 beginning empty: Ok... I'll make it better...

1-2 pipe colors: Ok. I'm going to fix that.

1-2 one-blocks jumps: that was wanted... or do you really want me to change it?

1-2 slopes: Sorry, I want to fix that, but... I somehow can't!

1-2 camera: Ok, I'll try to fix it...

1-2 switches and spinies: I will only edit the spinies. I find that part a good idea of mine.
Posted on 12-14-12, 01:06 am

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As for the Hammer Bro thing, I want to point out that maybe it disappeared because it jumped off the ground. Hammer bros use a 16x16 block, and they cant jump down when there is blocks (usually 2 in height (at the bottom inner section of the 16x16 block )

Posted on 12-14-12, 01:18 am (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 12-14-12, 01:18 am)
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Well, that's what I thought of... A little, only. In fact, I thought he got to the right (hammer bro was out of the view) and got back.

Thank for the tip Gridattack!
Posted on 12-29-12, 06:15 pm (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 01-03-13, 05:30 pm)
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UPDATE! Check the link in the first post!

And Mega-Mario... If you want, you may do your "cross-examination". (Phoenix Wright reference!)

And... 100 POSTS!
Posted on 01-25-13, 02:39 am
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I have a question for everyone:

Should I stop the hack?

It's because of the goombas, the fact that I didn't have a real "idea" when I started that hack, etc...

(And please be honest)
Posted on 01-25-13, 02:50 am
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Not everyone has a hack plan when they start their hacks.

If you keep at it, you'll find a particular trend you have placed in in your level designs, it's subconcious. Just figure out what you have been doing well and play your strengths to that.
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Posted on 01-29-13, 09:36 pm
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I like your NSMB-SMW tileset.
Posted on 02-11-13, 10:41 pm
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Next update, there will be new tilesets!
Posted on 03-04-13, 02:37 am

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This hack die?
Posted on 03-04-13, 05:50 pm
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No, and I am a beta tester of this hack.
Actully, Py_hacker make the World 2.
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