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Posted on 10-22-12, 10:12 pm (rev. 16 by pikachu385 on 10-23-12, 11:07 pm)

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Well this hack will deal with the theme of Mario Pokémon, so the backgrounds will be focused in this great anime. New features include music (I'm well experienced now), tiles (I need help in this part) backgrounds (let me) worlds (complicated, I know to do, but it's hard) and even sprites (I'll have to learn) Besides the hack contain difficult phases exploiting the "radical sentiments."

Ex: World 1: Hills Volcano
Area 1: Speed
Area 2: Time
Area 3: Patience

The worlds are:

World 1: Hills Volcano
World 2: MT Coronet
World 3: Plasma Factory
World 4: Fantasy City
World 5: Ruins of Alph
World 6: Legendary Swamp
World 7: Ice Desert
World 8: Lava Factory
Extra World: ????
But the most difficult part will be 1-a, etc.. Anyway, the story:

Mario was walking calmly when Peach etc (going to the right page.
Mario discovers that Bowser JR aims to traveling in parallel dimensions. And our hero embarks on a great journey to these places, after going through the difficult world 1, the Paradise Glacier. mountains with unknown strangers and enemies, robotic beings (robotic Pokémon, this part is not yet edited, shall be the sprites. 2 The world you can already see the new music, but is completely disabled) Could able Mario defeat their new enemy?

This hack will have two versions, and Underwater Volcano Version, and stages with different themes.


Shark Lake

Entrance for Fortress

Glacial Fortress

Dark Castle
The video is in process soon post.

Yeah, the dowload:

And this hack in not Kaizo^^

The videos^^ Problem for water effect is fixed too, sorry for my bad english, i am portuguese^^

Credits to:

The tile maker of the tileset, the maker from background and Nintendo for Mario Bros and Pokémon.

You help me with credits?

The trees will be change soon.
Posted on 10-22-12, 10:14 pm (rev. 1 by  Dirbaio on 10-22-12, 10:18 pm)
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No download = No thread.
Please follow the rules.

You should post a download, if not I'll close the thread.
Posted on 10-23-12, 04:11 am
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I hope in the future we see more hacks like this (Maybe a Zelda-inspired hack, or another Nintendo franchise.)

Here it is,  MarioFanatic64. Pokemon-inspired.

I'm looking forward to see new features you'll include.

Great games must be fun, not fancy.

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Posted on 10-23-12, 04:01 pm

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Yeah, i make a video but i do not upload the video, the size is huge. 204, this hack will use the Pokémon Musics and backgrounds, inclued the worlds. You are free to test and report the bugs, too you can join in my team, the help is very necessary. The sprites will be only problem^^
Posted on 10-23-12, 05:25 pm

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The screenshots look nice. But I really would not make Snow Trees under water.
Also please un-bold the text in your first post. Bold text should be used to highlight important text.
Posted on 10-23-12, 10:09 pm
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Underwater snow trees with a cave background? What the fuck indeed. Also there's no indication other than the sharks that the level is underwater. You should fix that.

Otherwise, this looks nice enough I guess...
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Posted on 10-23-12, 10:12 pm

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You know, I say that the snowy trees with a cave background doesn't make sense, but I like it.
Most people try to use matching background, but I say that weird combination of BG seems nice and refreshing.
(also it can happen Earthquake->Forest sinks->Flood)

Posted on 10-23-12, 10:16 pm (rev. 5 by pikachu385 on 10-23-12, 11:05 pm)

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Yeah this is my principal intention, one underwater cave with snow trees, and me is making a video from this stage. My friends im my school likes much. But the video is uploading, soon i post the news and the tileset for world 2. The new world in terms criative will be the factory. And the musics for the hack is complete now, my work is in the editor^^
The first stage(yeah needs some changes)

And the fortrees, is be change too.
The video^^

Sorry, i will edit the title now.
Posted on 10-23-12, 11:30 pm

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As far as level design goes its passable to say atleast. 1-a its just an edited version of the original since you can see the original level there. I suggest that you start the level all over again and try to create a new level with the same BG and stuff.

I cant tell nothing about the second video since it wasnt showed completely.

As for the first video, the level seems pretty bland. In the falling platform segments, I suggest you dont use the goombas, since they are a pointless position there. Also I dont get a feel that is a volcano, considering the level is flat. Maybe you can use the actual volcano tileset and try again.

Other than that, the pokemon B/W music sounds pretty good. Good job on that.

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Posted on 10-24-12, 05:13 am
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From watching your videos, I must say that you need to be more creative with your levels. Your 1-Tower is almost exactly the same as the original level, but with an Ice tileset. You should delete levels entirely and build a level from scratch before making a level so you don't get lazy and keep old level structures. That was the problem with my first hack.

Unfortunately I'm not seeing all that many homages to the Pokemon universe, maybe you should change your focus on that. Make some tilesets based off of Pokemon graphics, design more levels as if it were Pokemon locations that have been adapted to resemble Mario levels.

For example, with the Ruins of Alph, you could have long hallways with Unown hieroglyphics for example, and for level design you should place some pitfalls and a few extra platforms and enemies to add some Mario elements.
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Posted on 10-24-12, 12:08 pm
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Hmm... Here is my suggestion.

1-1:pretty good! But I think:
The bgm is too simple, maybe you can add some other instrument.
Also, players assume that green blocks would move, but it didn't, so it is a bit of strange. You can also put some "land" between those block to beautify the level.

The tower is just like the original level!
You could make it more creative.

Umm... This is kind of... Kaizo.
And it is also like the original level, too.

I think you've noticed that the map is not fit to the level point.
To avoid this, you should open the nsbmd file, export (maybe edit some) and import to another file.

Also, if you're going to make hill volcano, then you have to modify the BG and tileset. Your level make people think that they're in a volcano.

Keep working on the hack!

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Posted on 10-24-12, 05:48 pm

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Hi, i will answer all^^

Sorry, i will remake the levels and create greats stages. The worlds wiil be edited soon, sorry for all. I work more in the bg and tileset, and very sorry for world 1, he is be edited soon and posted soon too. Very sorry, the problem is i work much in the musics and little in tilesets, bg and world^^

I wiil edited this soon! Sorry
Posted on 10-26-12, 05:36 pm
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I liked when you added the Pokemon B/W sounds =3

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Posted on 10-27-12, 01:01 am (rev. 2 by pikachu385 on 10-27-12, 01:04 am)

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Yeah, news for everyone, new tiles and backgrounds is inserted. Soon i have the fantasy city, i use the tiles for pokemon city. Yeah, and today i bring for you my new level of world 1. The first stage, can you reach a top of volcano? Yeah, and i make a new tower too. The world 1 is bem total reformed. Yeah, good night.

The Volcano Hill!
Posted on 10-27-12, 01:08 am

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I think its an improvement over the other 1-1, but the BG is totally messed up. I would go for another route to simulate a volcano. Also it seems the cloud area hasnt been modified much. And the music of draydens gym sounds nice.

Posted on 10-27-12, 02:13 am
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Also, the camera problem need to be fixed.

Great games must be fun, not fancy.

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Posted on 10-28-12, 02:10 am
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And I think you can Put the entrance of vine out of the view.
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Posted on 11-11-12, 06:23 pm (rev. 2 by pikachu385 on 11-11-12, 07:13 pm)

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Good news(this post will be change soon, beacuse i am making the great videos of the news!)

Yeah, the world fantasy city, legendary swamp and ruins of alph will edited!

Wait the screenshots and video. News, a new member Mario Master is inserting the tiles for me, thanks, and DreadMario will help me too in the hack. The news tiles are fantasy city, factory(in the way), legendary swamp. Yeah, the unows will be in the edited world!

The long time of await is bringing great news! Wait the screenshots and the videos^^

Fantasy City

Legendary Swamp in game

Ruins of Alph!

Legenday Swamp in chosen stage

Plasma Factory(is be edited)

Credits to makers of the tiles and Mario Master(he is helping much)^^
Posted on 11-11-12, 08:25 pm

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I must say that the icons looks awesome, but I cant say the same for the world maps.

They look odd with the selections of the textures...
Also im pretty sure you can get a HG/SS rom and rip the ruins of alph textures to use for world 6, because otherwise, it looks strange...
But good progress so far

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