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ID Class ID Name Last edited by
45 268Respawnable Hidden Block
Horizontal detection for solid tile: list at nybble 7: 0=Left,1=Right
Horizontal distance from solid tile: value at nybble 8
Vertical detection for solid tile: list at nybble 9: 0=Up,1=Down
Vertical distance from solid tile: value at nybble 10
 Hiccup (rev. 15)
46 104Event controller - activates Spiked Ball when touched by Snake Block
Spiked Ball ID: value at nybble 11
 Hiccup (rev. 7)
59 68Hammer Bro.Zeus1204 (rev. 17)
83 240Self-activating block
Unknown 4: list at nybble 4: 0=No modification,1=Throw item right,2=Dud block,9=Throw item left
Unknown 5: checkbox at nybble 5 with mask 1
Start with dud block: checkbox at nybble 6 with mask 8
Item goes to touch screen: checkbox at nybble 7 with mask 15
Item overlap when spawned: checkbox at nybble 8 with mask 1
Unknown 9: list at nybble 9: 0=No modification,1=Throw item right,4=Item falls/throw item if on solid,15=Item spawns like touchscreen
Unknown 10: list at nybble 10: 0=No modification,1=Dud block,2=Brick spawn item,3=Brick into dud block,4=Block disappear item goes up,5=Block disappear,6=? Block disappear item go down,7=Block disappear 2,8=Nibble value in sprite 31,9=Dud block 2,11=Dud block 3,12=10 coin brick + item,13=10 coin brick,14=static Coin + item going down,15=Static Coin
Item type: list at nybble 11: 0=Mushroom/Fire Flower,1=Starman,2=Coin,3=Poof?,4=2 Coins?,5=Mega Mushroom,6=Mushroom,7=1-Up,8=Mushroom 2,9=Fire Flower,10=Vine,11=Blue Shell,12=Mushroom 3,13=Spring,14=Mushroom 4,15=No Item?. Having Raw Sprite Data 00 00 00 00 0F 59 is mini mushroom for some reason.
 Hiccup (rev. 7)
106 80Red Coin
Trigger ID 1: value at nybble 2-3. When an object with this Event ID is activated (usually a red Coin ring) this Coin will appear.
Trigger ID 2: value at nybble 0-1. When an object with this Event ID is activated (usually a red Coin ring) this Coin will appear.
Red Coin counter ID: value at nybble 11. If you have multiple sets of red Coins in a level, each set must have a unique ID or they will not be counted properly.
 MeroMero (rev. 10)
117 261Map Flying ? Block
Loads from: list at nybble 10: 0=Level start,1=Midway point
Can spawn Mega Mushroom: checkbox at nybble 11 with mask 1
Starting direction: list at nybble 9: 0=Left,1=Right
Looping pattern: list at nybble 6: 0=Fly off screen,1=Center of Loop,2=Edge of Loop
Flying pattern: list at nybble 8: 0=Back and forth,1=Forward 4/back 8,2=Stays in place
 Hiccup (rev. 11)
131 158Checkpoint - vertical MarioFanatic64 (rev. 6)
132 159Checkpoint
Unknown 11: value at nybble 11
 Hiccup (rev. 8)
192 92Coin Spawner (unused actor)
Trigger ID: value at nybble 0-1. Coins disappears after a few seconds, with no regard to event status.
Speed of coins: value at nybble 8-9. How fast the coins are "thrown".
No. of coins: value at nybble 10-11
Music Spawn Mode: checkbox at nybble 4 with mask
 Hiccup (rev. 28)
210 33MvsL Battle Star (Big Star)
Star ID: value at nybble 10-11. These must be the same number of stars as in the original level. Each star must have a unique ID, starting from 1. If not, the game will hang. Also, if the ID is set to 0, it doesn't spawn, but the game doesn't crash (as seen in SMB 1-1)
 Ndymario (rev. 17)
228 257Roulette Block
Extra item: list at nybble 11: 0=Blue Shell,1=Mini Mushroom. Higher than 1 is unused.
 KingYoshi (rev. 10)
232 258Hanging ? Block
Trigger ID 1: value at nybble 2-3
Trigger ID 2: value at nybble 0-1
Unknown 5: value at nybble 5. Only ever used as 1.
Affects contents?: value at nybble 10. Affects the contents in an unknown way.
Contents: list at nybble 11: 0=Coin,1=Fire Flower,2=Super Star,3=1-Up Mushroom,4=Fire flower,5=Mini Mushroom,6=Blue Shell,7=Mega Mushroom,8=Super Mushroom,9=Super Mushroom
SKJyannick (rev. 21)
245 204Corked Pipe + foot pump
Destination area: value at nybble 6
Destination entrance: value at nybble 11
Horizontal distance between pump and tube: value at nybble 10
Vertical distance between pump and tube: value at nybble 8
Shift 21 tiles left: list at nybble 9: 1=Yes,0=No
Shift 16 tiles down: list at nybble 7: 1=Yes,0=No
 Hiccup (rev. 8)
270 211Smashed pipe sprite
Color/type?: value at nybble 6
Facing?: value at nybble 7. 0-9 destroy?
Length: value at nybble 10-11
xKitten (rev. 2)
285 63Scuttlebug spawner
Zone ID: value at nybble 8-9
 MeroMero (rev. 7)
305 285Final Castle Create Loop
ID: value at nybble 10-11
Length: value at nybble 8-9. Actual width is found by reversing the nybbles and subtracting 15
 MeroMero (rev. 3)
306 286Final Castle Wrong Path
ID: value at nybble 11
Height: value at nybble 10. Sprite is positioned at the bottom
 Hiccup (rev. 1)