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 TruelyJohn64 [insert 64 post thing] You see, I was here first so I think everyone else copied me... also a whole bunch of explaination why as well.
 KTRMAmbiance Thanks
 TruelyJohn64 Dang it, I didn't think of that... Well here's something : Truely (With E) = 6 letters. John = 4. I dunno about everyone else.
 MarioKart7z How did you set a title for your profile?
Sherry_ gardevoir is EVERYWHERE
 Fluorescent ''Have started a hack and will probably not finish it till 2472'' I started mine back in feburary
 Fluorescent IMO, you shouldn't continute a ROM hack when you're not motivated, do it when you feel like doing it, take your time
PixelFox2 I'm not banned anymore. I made this to ask Staple to send me a new password since I forgot it.
Jakratzhu Sorry for the EXTREMLY LATE reply. I made an ASM hack that makes a sign board cost 40 coins
Asprok CSS. You can learn/copy the code writing view-source before the URL of my profile. Press Ctrl + F and type “Bio” (that's where the code is); it's inside the style tag.
Asprok Also, don't think I know much about CSS or HTML. Most of what I know comes from Sherry_'s tutorial and W3Schools' HTML & CSS tutroials.
Asprok Aside from watching codes and using the ‘Inspect element’ funcion.
 KTRMAmbiance Happy birthday to you!
Asprok Happy birthday!
 Ultraboy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
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Will never finish a hack

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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Posted by Goomba
Posted by Mario
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");

hey look, I did a thing