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Posted on 10-09-11, 03:32 pm in tutorial NSBMD Creation Tutorials & Hacking (rev. 13 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:08 am)
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There might be more tutorials as time passes on.

The video version is here.

3ds max 6 tile texturing. This may work on NSBMD's.

I've discovered exporting objects from sketchup will not cause the texture to stretch. Apparently, there's a setting somewhere in 3ds max 6 to determine how big each texture size is, and how it's patterend. It's not in the material editor.

Anyways, I was able to get a simple Minecraft overworld to prove that the textures can be repeated, and can have multiple textures: here.
Don't believe the picture? You don't have to when I've provided the source files.

Animated NSBMD Objects:
I finally got them to work! Here are the files.
Replace w1_tree.nsbmd with the nsbmd and w1_tree.nsbca with the nsbca to get it to work.
Posted on 08-17-11, 02:48 am in A guide around this place :) (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:08 am)
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Hi guys,

This is a guide of what's around here.

First off, please make sure you have read and follow the FAQ.

This forum needs Javascript, CSS, and Cookies to work properly. Also, make sure you're running a modern browser (eg. Firefox, Konqueror). Internet Explorer is know not to work work well on this board, so please don't use it.

If you're new, you can introduce yourselves here

This forum is for:
-Ask questions
-Help answer questions
-Post NSMB-related stuff (hacks, tutorialss, levels, etc.)
-Having some fun

Make sure you post your threads in the right sub-forums. It makes it harder on the staff (currently, only Dirbaio) to organize it. The sub-forum names should be self-explanatory...

There's an IRC channel for NSMB and other topics. Here's the link for more information.

If you want to pursue NSMBe (New Super Mario Bros. editor), here are some helpful tips:
-For some general tips on using NSMBe, please reference here.
-NSMBe is GPL Licensed, and the Source Code is available there. NSMBe is written in C#.
-If you want to download NSMBe, please go here. If you want a stable, but obsolete release of NSMBe, please download NSMBe5.1. If you want the latest changes, but unstable version of NSMBe, please download the DevBuild (Development Build).
-If you are interested in developing NSMBe, please create a Google Account (if you haven't already), and contact Dirbaio to add you as a committer.
-To build NSMBe on a Windows machine, please read my Wiki page here.
-To run NSMBe on non-Windows OSes (or you choose not to use Microsoft's .Net on Windows), please use Mono. Mono Develop can also build NSMBe, but instructions for doing so are currently unavailable.

And, this board is Powered by AcmlmBoard XD. So, if you are comfortable with one, you'll be happy to find ABXD features on this board too.

And that should help you guys get started.
Feel free to explore the forums

P.S. Did I forget to mention the little guys that walk across the screen?
Posted on 10-14-11, 08:05 pm in tutorial Change ClassID's of Sprites (rev. 14 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:08 am)
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If you want a tool to do all of this for you, then go here. (EDIT 2016-02-18: New link for ClassID Tool)

Don't understand some of the stuff here? I hope this will help you understand!

IMPORTANT: This tutorial uses NSMBe 5.2. I cannot guarantee this tutorial will work on 5.1 and earlier.

First, go to the Overlay 0 and click "Hex Edit".

Then, in "Offset", type in the value that corresponds to your ROM region:
USA: 29BDA Europe: 290C6 Japan: 2900A Korea: 290E2

You will be taken to the ClassID of Sprite 1. The ClassID is in hex (2 Hex-decimal digits | One byte). For example, to change Sprite 1's ClassID into 31 (the item spawning class), type in 1F.

Each sprite's Class ID is represented by two bytes. So, the two bytes before the selected byte is for Sprite 0. And the following two bytes is for Sprite 2. And the next two is for Sprite 3, and so on.

IMPORTANT: Changing Sprite 0's ClassID will not work for some reason.

There's a list of known ClassID's and what they do on the Sprite DB.

Modified tutorial from Dirbaio here.

Posted on 08-27-11, 07:06 pm in tutorial Edit titlescreen buttons (rev. 3)
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Hey guys,

Here's a tutorial on how to edit the titlescreen buttons as seen on the Main Menu of NSMB.

Note: You should use NSMBe 5.2 for this tutorial!

First go to the "ROM File Browser" tab.

Afterwards, click the + icon next to "FILESYSTEM"
Then, do the same for root, and then uiStudio

Then, double-click on: UI_O_menu_title_o_d_ncg.bin
(It's at the bottom)

Then, double-click on d_2d_UI_O_menu_title_o_d_ncl.bin

In PaletteViewer, select the second one in the list, and click "Add".

Then, back at the 2D Texture Editor, select the "View in 4bpp format".

Then you're done! Make sure you save your changes
Posted on 07-29-15, 04:59 am in Disable HTML5 Autoplay: A Chrome Extension (rev. 2 by LeWario on 11-07-17, 07:29 pm)
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It's ded. The main developer killed it. Google implemented something already. Nothing to see here.
Posted on 02-19-16, 12:07 am in ClassID Tool (rev. 1 by LeWario on 11-07-17, 07:16 pm)
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It's back again!

ClassID Tool is a tool to modify, read, and lookup names for class IDs from a NSMB ROM or an extracted Overlay 0 file. All NSMB ROM regions are supported.

The last version broke since it tried to download an updated mapping of class id to friendly names from dead links. So I've removed this feature; see the GitHub link above for information on changing class names.
Posted on 09-18-11, 02:45 pm in Beta NSMB pictures in USA Manual?
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Hey guys
I was looking through the USA Manual, and I noticed that the bottom screen of the over world looks different than the official one. Is the manual showing beta pictures of NSMB?
Posted on 11-17-11, 03:48 pm in The Ask Dirbaio™ Thread!
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That phrase "Ask Dirbaio™" must be getting really popular! Do you know why?
Why didn't you make people make different threads, but put a special tag in the title like [for dibaio] or something?
Ask Dirbaio™ reminds me of Ask Leo.
Posted on 01-22-12, 11:21 pm in ClassIDs? Sprites? Correlation?
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Some of you may have heard of ClassID Tool, or the rewrite of  Dirbaio's Changing ClassIDs of Sprites.

Now most people here probably don't know what a Class is, or how it's related to a Sprite. It wasn't your falt, it just wasn't explained on here. As far as I know,  Dirbaio and people who learned from him are the only ones who explained it to others.

Now first, let's clarify what a Sprite is. By observing NSMBe, it seems like a Sprite is the game object (a Goomba, Koopa, and such), and where it will be located when it is located on a map.

But this is only half correct.

A Sprite is not the actual object, but a link to a Class. It also defines where the Class will be spawned in a level.
A ClassID is the actual game object (like a Goomba, Koopa, and such).

What ClassID the Sprite will link to is defined in a table in the Overlay0. ClassID Tool and the tutorial (links above) tell you how to modify the table.

So for example:
ClassID 83 is the Goomba. And by default, it is linked to Sprite 148.
ClassID 94 is the Koopa. And by default, it is linked to Sprite 149.

So if you modify Sprite 149 to ClassID 83, ALL Koopas in the game will become Goombas.
If you modify ALL Sprites to ClassID 83, absolutely all objects will become Goombas.

Now you understand ClassIDs and Sprites, you may ask "What is the use for modifying the ClassID a Sprite links to?!"

Well, there are many ClassIDs which are unused, and do very interesting stuff.
For example, ClassID 31, which is the Item Spawning Class, is not link to any Sprite. (However, ClassID 240 creates a ClassID 31 in the game.) If you change for example Sprite 1 to link to ClassID 31, then you can directly spawn items!

Well that wraps up this lecture. Hope you gained 5+ Knowledge Points!

(BTW: There was a really old thread that briefly explained ClassIDs here.)
Posted on 02-13-12, 02:56 am in ABXD development board
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Took it over eh?

I guess that means that  Dirbaio will become really busy, resulting in a dramatic NSMBe development slowdown.
Which means that if I decide to start NSMBpe NOW, then NSMBpe might be able to catch up with NSMBe.

Or if not... whatever.
Posted on 02-18-12, 03:26 am in NSMB Sprite info printer (rev. 2)
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Hey guys,

Dirbaio created this awesome ASM code that will print info about sprites.
I modified it a little so it will work with DeSmuME.

Here's how to get it:
1. Download these files:
the NSMB Tile Hack
Latest NSMBe 5.2 EDIT: Use the one from NSMBe Downloads
DeSmume r4099 or greater. Follow these instructions to get it. Visual studio Team System 2008 works for me too.

You need a U NSMB ROM.

Insert ASM Code to NSMB rom:

2. Unzip the Tile Hack, and delete everything in the "source" folder. Put print.s in "source".
3. Install DevkitPRO. You only need nds stuff (except the nds example code). Leave the directory to C:\devkitpro
4. Place a U rom in the same directory as the makefile and source directory.
5. Open the U rom with NSMBe. Go to tools/options
6. Click: Run 'make' and insert

See output from DeSmuME:

1. Open a command prompt window
2. Drag your build of DeSmuME onto the command prompt window.
3. Select the rom with DeSmuME
4. Sprite info output will come out through the command prompt window.

You can modify NSMB rom in NSMBe normally too. It won't affect the ASM hack. You can even do this to any patched rom with a hack already in it.
Posted on 03-06-12, 03:48 pm in NDS Music Tool (rev. 1)
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After finishing up ClassID Tool, I really needed another project. I need to create something that would be more useful to many people, unlike ClassID Tool where it was very specific and involved more advanced understanding of NSMB. After reading this, I realized that music hacking will never become more popular and easier without a tool. After  Dirbaio's suggestion to start a tool to make music hacking easier, I decided to start.

As the title suggests, this Python 3.x tool will become a tool to make music hacking easier for everyone. Future plans:
-All file format support
-NITRO explorer to NDS Music formats
-Extract NDS Music formats and convert them to .it
-Easy to use GUI interface to browse SDAT files and view music.

In planning stage
Collecting info and code to start the project
If you got complete specs for .it and any NDS Music file, then please send me a link via PM.
Posted on 04-25-12, 03:54 pm in Playing multiplayer with one ds and a pc emulator
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Posted by Dirbaio
Maybe there's a way to play with two emulators with DeSmuME. I'm not sure of the current state of wifi emulation though.

It can only play on Nintendo's network. It can't use your Wifi card to communicate to another DS (though that would be epic).
Posted on 01-12-13, 08:53 pm in This thread is very 1337
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Create a map in Minecraft with the seed 1337
You'll spawn on a totally 1337 island that's pretty small...
Posted on 06-28-13, 09:31 pm in Corrupt-a-wish!
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Granted, but something from subspace arised and killed you.

I wish I knew why I was on here.
Posted on 12-26-13, 11:39 pm in How experienced do you think you are at hacking?
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This ranking is ambiguous.

I can define Extreme as someone getting a physical DS, using some electrical engineering knowledge to hook it up to my PC via USB, write Linux kernel modules to interface with it, and then write a Python script with PySide to interface with a C module that interfaces with the modules. Then I can send raw hardware commands to directly tamper with the memory and inject assemly instructions just to made Mario move to the right one block.

If that was the case, that would put me at Newbie.

However, if you take someone like Dirbaio and put it at extreme, or put Treeki as extreme, then you could argue multiple levels in this scale that fit me.

Now I can choose attributes that would define someone "extreme" to put me at various levels of the scale.

Not to mention that one's placement on the scale is arguable.

I vote for all levels, since that would be the most logical choice based on the information above. But since it is not possible to vote for multiple items, I won't vote at all.

Now you just spent time reading my post without gaining anything useful about me, or seeing any changes in the votes.

But now you know that these votes are pretty much meaningless (unless you don't understand what you just read)

P.S. If this thread is just to collect votes based on people's opinion, then this data is REALLY useless because of the above, and people can use the existing votes to skew their judgement of where they are. Therefore, the scale is heavily influenced by the people that initially voted.
Posted on 02-19-16, 12:09 am in New Actor discoveries (and extra info on old ones)
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Posted by Hiccup
Please do fix it. I'm not 100% sure what is wrong, but I think that it tries to read files off the web that don't exist.

Here's the new thread for the updated Class ID Tool
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