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Posted on 02-18-12, 03:26 am (rev. 2)
Banned for being a complete idiot.

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Hey guys,

Dirbaio created this awesome ASM code that will print info about sprites.
I modified it a little so it will work with DeSmuME.

Here's how to get it:
1. Download these files:
the NSMB Tile Hack
Latest NSMBe 5.2 EDIT: Use the one from NSMBe Downloads
DeSmume r4099 or greater. Follow these instructions to get it. Visual studio Team System 2008 works for me too.

You need a U NSMB ROM.

Insert ASM Code to NSMB rom:

2. Unzip the Tile Hack, and delete everything in the "source" folder. Put print.s in "source".
3. Install DevkitPRO. You only need nds stuff (except the nds example code). Leave the directory to C:\devkitpro
4. Place a U rom in the same directory as the makefile and source directory.
5. Open the U rom with NSMBe. Go to tools/options
6. Click: Run 'make' and insert

See output from DeSmuME:

1. Open a command prompt window
2. Drag your build of DeSmuME onto the command prompt window.
3. Select the rom with DeSmuME
4. Sprite info output will come out through the command prompt window.

You can modify NSMB rom in NSMBe normally too. It won't affect the ASM hack. You can even do this to any patched rom with a hack already in it.
Posted on 02-18-12, 08:41 am

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What does the "Sprite Info" look like?
What files and offsets they use or Sprite Data?
Posted on 02-18-12, 12:50 pm
Super Mario
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Mostly sprite data and class ID.
Posted on 02-19-12, 01:32 am

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Oh wow! Will probably help me and ray with our hack a lot!
Posted on 02-19-12, 04:18 pm
Banned for being a complete idiot.

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Posted by NsmB_PrO
Oh wow! Will probably help me and ray with our hack a lot!

Yea actually this has been around for months... The only reason why you guys noticed it is because I needed to make some slight corrections (such as to

It also helped me discover a little about ClassID 31.
Posted on 04-21-18, 08:19 am

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I know this is a bump, but this is useful info:
for anyone struggling to get this to work properly - disable the dynamic recompiler in desmume emulation settings.
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