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Posted on 06-14-21, 12:11 am in Going to release a custom World Map tutorial soon! (rev. 5 by  subair on 06-16-21, 03:39 pm)
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I managed to create a custom worldmap with custom paths and I am going to (as the title says) release a tutorial soon.
I created the Map using the Maya 2011 Plugins, but I will also try to make one with the Blender Plugins.

Here are some pictures (sorry for the bad quality).

And here is a video.

The World Map is still unfinished and has a few bugs, which I will fix later.

I already did a brief explanation on the NSMB hacking discord server, so if you want to get started already then join here:

You can also dm me on discord Sombo#8878

EDIT: The World Map is finished now and I fixed every bug except the one on the bottom screen map.
Here is the video.
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How to create your own wX.nsbmd

[Coming soon]

How to create your own wXmove.nsbca

[Coming soon]

How to create your own wXtree.nsbmd

You will need these things here:

• Blender (latest version)

• Nintendo Plugins for Blender

• NitroPaint

• g3dcvtr

•modelling skills and experiences



Let’s start:

Create whatever you want to create and try to avoid unnecessary polygons.
Also don’t name ANYTHING longer than 16 characters.

Then place it on the right spot!

Q: How do I know where to place it exactly?
A: Don’t worry! Just extract the original wXtree.nsbmd file from your rom with the NSMB Editor.
Then convert it to “.dae” with apicula by “drag&dropping” it onto the “.exe” file.
Afterwards import the dae file into Blender. Lastly, look at the coordinates of the objects for orientation and move your object to the place you want to!
I will leave a link to apicula here:

Now we want to add the textures! Here are some rules to follow:

• size of all the textures need to be “power of 2” × “power of 2” in Pixel (examples: 64×32, 8×16, 128×4)

• don’t use too big textures (try to make the most textures less than 128×128)

Q: So some textures can be bigger than 128x128?
A: Yes, but you will have to make the other textures much much much smaller in return, so that they fit in vram. Just don't do it.
Q: But how do you know whether you've reached the total size limit of all textures? Is there a clear number?
A: No, there isn't. You can only find it out through testing. The bug will be very obvious!

• don’t use too many textures

• all the textures need to be converted to the Nitro TGA format

You will end up with bugs if you don’t keep to these rules!

Q: How do I convert my textures to the Nitro TGA format?
A: In NitroPaint go to File -> New -> New Texture.
Open the texture you need to convert.

Click on “Convert To…” and simply select the format that best fits for the texture (it mostly is tex4x4, a5i3, palette16 or palette256).
Lastly go to File -> Save.

Now we want to assign our converted textures to the model, so in Blender go to the “Material Properties” tab, click on “New” to add a new default material and then press on “Create NNS Material”.

Then delete the default material, because we won't need it anymore.

Set the “Material type” to “Textured + solid color” and the rest (UV Unwrapping) should be pretty clear.

Here is the final result of my w1tree model:

Now let’s export it! Go to File -> Export -> Nitro Intermediate and set the Magnification (it's something like scaling) to 1,0000.
Please uncheck, if “Export .ica” or “Export .ita” are checked.

Click on Export Nitro.

Lastly we need to convert the “.imd” file to “.nsbmd” with g3dcvtr. Just drag&drop it on the “.exe” file.

Afterwards replace w1tree.nsbmd in the NSMB Editor.

You did it!

Bugs that might appear after following this tutorial:

• w1tree gets rotated 90 degrees along the X-axis in the game.
Rotate the model -90 degrees along the X-axis in Blender before exporting, so in the game it will end up with 0 rotation along the X-axis. Then change the position of the model again, because after rotating it, the Y-axis becomes now the Z-axis in the game and the other way round.

• Some faces or whole meshes didn’t appear even though I followed all the steps correctly?
This may be happening due to the normals of the mesh being flipped in the wrong direction. Try selecting all the wrongly flipped faces in Edit Mode -> press ALT + N -> Flip, but it should be already visible in Blender.

• Some faces or whole meshes don’t appear although the meshes/faces are correcly flipped?
Probably because of the shape of your polygon. If it's not a triangle or rectangle, then make it!

If any other bugs appear, please tell me.
Discord: RealEyee#8878 or here in the chat.

How to create your own wX.nsbta

[Coming soon]

How to create your own wX.nsbtp

[Coming soon]

Xgone for answering some questions
 skawo for answering some questions
RicBent for answering lots of questions
 KingYoshi for helping with this tutorial
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I think you didn't get my message. You don't owe him an apology. I just said you should stop telling us about things, we already know, because it's unnecessary. Do you get it now?
Posted on 07-11-21, 01:39 am in v1.08 New Super Mario Bros. U DS (rev. 6 by  subair on 07-11-21, 01:40 am)
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Alpha stop posting unnecessary comments like this one ^ above. The insulting comment is literally readable up there.
Posted on 06-18-21, 03:50 pm in Going to release a custom World Map tutorial soon!
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I finally figured out how to make the water (of my custom world map) move.
Here is the video:
Posted on 10-09-21, 06:31 pm in goombatlasworldmap Goombatlas Help (rev. 1 by  subair on 10-09-21, 06:31 pm)
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Right click on the Desktop --> New --> text document --> rename it to "replaces" and change the file format from ".txt" to ".x" --> move it to a new folder --> then save the "replaces.x" from goombatlas in the same folder --> replace --> done
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