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Posted on 10-31-18, 03:03 am in Renewed Super Mario Bros. (rev. 22 by  BeingAwesom on 09-23-19, 03:49 am)
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Renewed Super Mario Bros. is a simple level hack that'll replace each of the 80 levels with new ones that'll each have their own unique ideas. Barely any ASM will be used, but custom level previews may be put in if I can figure out how to put them in. Each world will have the exact same theme as the original game.

When I'm finished this hack, I'm thinking about revamping it with new world themes and some ASM, but the level design will stay the same.

So far worlds 1 through 3 are done, but not completely! If you have any criticism, or you find a bug, reply!

- 80 newly designed levels with themes that won't make you go "Wait, why is this a sky level?"
- 5 mini-levels taking place in the Warp Cannons
- Same exact world themes as the original
- Semi-decent levels that grow progressively harder as you go on

World 1 - 9/9
World 2 - 10/10
world 3 - 10/10
World 4 - 6/11
World 5 - 0/11
World 6 - 0/11
World 7 - 0/11
World 8 - 0/12

XDELTA file! (due to technical difficulties an unfinished 4-3 is in this patch)


More screenshots will come when each world is finished!

Level Names

Check out "New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS HD*!!
Renewed Super Mario Bros. still exists, though.
Posted on 06-02-19, 05:51 pm in "New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS HD* (rev. 1 by  BeingAwesom on 06-03-19, 09:05 pm)
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Have you ever played "New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS? If so, have you ever thought or said that it's a polished, flawless hack with no mistakes whatsoever? Yeah, that's what I thought. But don't get too excited; this hack ain't perfect either. If you want a perfect hack, there isn't one.

"New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS HD*, or "New-ISH" HD* for short, will be a full, 80-level remake of "New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS by  Skylander, planning to really shine the potential of said game. Gameplay will be refined with a too-much-free-time polish, same with the visuals and audio. The overall gameplay experience will just gain a buff, ridding the original of most of its problems.

This hack will include:
* 80 redesigned levels, all from the original "New-ISH" game.
* Overall refined gameplay.
* Edited backgrounds and original tilesets made by yours truly.
* Minor world theme changes to spice the game up.
* Edited world maps.
* The Newer DS soundtrack, with a few other songs.
* Multiple edited graphics, including the HUD, enemies and obstacles.
* Some minor ASM.

This is only a World 1 demo to show what the hack will offer. The finished version will be uploaded when it's finished, with little to no patches in between. I'll make sure to post whatever's happening, though.

 BeingAwesom - Hack, tilesets, backgrounds, custom graphics
 Skylander - Original hack
Newer Team - Custom graphics, music
 skawo - ASM hacks
 MeroMero - ASM hacks
 Arceus - Custom graphics
 newsuperhackboys - Custom graphics
Asprok - Music
 KingYoshi - Music
 poudink - Help finding files


W1: Sunset Meadows (99.9%)
1-1: Peach's Prairie (100%)
1-2: Fungi Hollow (100%)
1-3: Sunset Swamp (100%)
1-T: Lift Lookout (100%)
1-4: Micro Woods (100%)
1-Can: Snowset Cannon (100%)
1-5: Tightrope Highs (100%)
1-A: Glut Grotto (100%)
1-Cas: Forest Fortress (99.9%, see below)

Bugs 'n' Stuff that I don't know how to fix
* Most sound effects on the world map are mute.
* After exiting the Warp Pipe from the room of Star Coin 3 from World 1-Castle, the fog effect disappears, no matter what.

Screenshot Comparison
To really show you the power of "New-ISH" HD*, I've provided some comparison screenshots. The original hack is on the left, while "New-ISH" HD* is on the right.

* Any mention of HD is false. The DS is physically incapable of producing HD graphics.
Check out "New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS HD*!!
Renewed Super Mario Bros. still exists, though.
Posted on 02-05-19, 01:03 pm in Super Mario Star Collect
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The Jyotyu looks pretty good, but the coin seems a bit too flashy.
Check out "New-ISH" Super Mario Bros. DS HD*!!
Renewed Super Mario Bros. still exists, though.
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