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SMBNTLL1 (1).zip  Super Mario Bros.Next The Lost Level 12.81 MiB bowser14 2
images (2).jfif 13.31 KiB bowser14 12
Como Parchear Con Delta Pacther.rar  para los que no sepan parchear util 387 B  alpha 5
NewerDS.nds  A newer ds rom 26.98 MiB LuigiSarasaland 115
xxxx - Fossil Fighters (v01)(Demo)(Nintendo Channel) (U)(Independent).7z  Fossil Fighters Demo from Nintendo Channel. I have a bunch of these so just ask if you have a request and I’ll see if I have it :) 1.92 MiB z0mbieslayer 130
xxxx - Tomodachi (Demo)(Nintendo Channel) (J)(Independent).7z  Hard to find Tomodachi Collection demo rom (Distributed on Japanese Nintendo Channel). Enjoy! 1.54 MiB z0mbieslayer 157
xxxx - Ugoku Memo-Chou Viewer (Demo)(Nintendo Channel) (J)(Independent).nds  This is one of the RAREST roms in the whole internet. It is basically a Flipnote Studio player for Nintendo DS/Lite systems, but you cant really use it because flipnote hatena is down. Maybe you can use sudomemo server on it, im not sure though. 2.00 MiB  HD Erick Games 340
firmware.nds  it does stuff. 508.99 KiB SupersonicGames234 558
arm9.nds  Contains something 75.06 KiB xfix 803
internet for ds lite  Bunjalloo is a web browser for the Nintendo DS. It is free software under and active development. 419.72 KiB  chamsy jaafar 326
Wood R4iDS Gold v1.42 (CK3).NDS  396.50 KiB  Freeze 1043
Wood R4 v1.42 (CK3).NDS  383.56 KiB  Freeze 1100
nsmb-editor-ds.rar  The NSMBe DS 188.60 KiB  ray 905  First official DS-Craft 2D Demo by CoolAs and ray 170.89 KiB  ray 483
Stopwatch.nds  151.06 KiB  ray 1144