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Posted on 03-11-12, 10:03 am
Roy Koopa

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Hmmm. I dont really like the idea of a candie world... It just doesnt fit with a Mario 2D Sidescroller. 2-3 Levels are ok, but not more.

And I really woukd like to make a World like the one in Super Mario Galaxy, with all these Robots, trains and so on.

And working on new Overwirlds is a must have
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Posted on 03-11-12, 10:05 am
Did you win the game?

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So How about a City, Industrialised, and robotic theme?

It would have big tall buildings and factories and trains and buses and robots and (insert moar stuff here).
Posted on 03-12-12, 12:17 am
Roy Koopa
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2D Toy Time Galaxy, anyone? *Inspiration Strikes* Heehee...
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Posted on 03-12-12, 04:55 am
Roy Koopa

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Thats what I meant Forgot the name
See a lots of creative DS Hacking here
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Posted on 03-12-12, 02:04 pm
Fuzz Ball
KirbyFanatic64 (LOL)

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Toy time galaxy? Industrial cities theme? That's great! But which world it should be?
And maybe Buoy Base galaxy? The floating island. Makes Mario goes up to the top, with sprite 218!
Suggestion: In grassland world, we could add some vegetable and fruit stuffs like somebody has said. ^^

PS: I'm busy in these two days and when I online here today, I got a surprise! Very new long thread has been created! I spent 40 minutes reading this section. So long that my sister began to grumble. XD

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Posted on 04-15-12, 06:11 pm (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 04-15-12, 06:11 pm)

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If you want a good example of a nsmbds-type hack with very good level design look at Another Super Mario Bros Wii:
Another's levels are not very original but they have about same quality as Nintendo's Levels.

The most important thing is looking at the game as a whole and seeing if it is balanced and is an enjoyable game from start to finish. (partly based off posts from
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