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Hello, I finally appear on this page to briefly publish something...

I corrected all the language files that come with NSMBe 5.4, previously except for the English language, they gave errors when trying to enter a level.

Changes Made:
- Translations from French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch.
- Support for NSMBe 5.4 (updated "[LIST_LevelNames]").
- "Finished" Translations (at least those marked "NEED TRANSLATION").

Other Translations:
As an extra, I updated the Simplified Chinese translations (Soig) and the Japanese translation ( poudink, parasol'n and ancolog).

Simplified Chinese and Japanese Translation:
- Support for NSMBe 5.4 (updated "[LIST_LevelNames]" and added sections 0 to 15 of "[LIST_ObjectBankSlot]" (I left the latter in English).
- The NSMBe database is old, may be incomplete and unstable (mainly China Simplified).

In general, I made very small modifications to the translations, many thanks to the people who originally made them and updated them.

1. Download the new translation files.
2. Go to the NSMBe folder and the "Languages" folder.
3. Replace the old files with the new ones.
4. Open and load a ROM on NSMBe.
5. Go to "Tools/Options", "Settings", select the preferred language.
6. Restart the editor.
and that's it 🤙

PS: I did what I could with the translations, now they minimally work, but as such I'm not very good with languages hahaha
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SG its you??
I am persona epic remember?
Good to see you again
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