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Posted on 11-20-23, 09:11 pm (rev. 2 by CRS on 11-21-23, 03:07 am)

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I don't think I can, but I might as well ask this question. And a few more.

Here's the questions I need answering (More might be added later):

1. Can I add more areas to a Level?
2. Can I add multiple tilesets to an area?
3. Is there a way to add levels to a world?
4. If I can't add multiple tilesets, How do I combine tilesets? I want to add the lava tile to the underground tileset.
5. How do I play sound effects?
6. How do I do camera animations?

Posted on 11-21-23, 11:48 pm
I do things sometimes

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1. you can use the area overflow bug to use areas from different levels
2. no
3. i believe you can with goombatlas
4. you can combine tilesets, but id recommend just using the lava sprite in this scenario as the lava tile wouldnt be animated. also, you may wanna try playing around a bit with the tileset editor to get yourself acquainted with it
5. can you elaborate
6. can you be more specific
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