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Posted on 01-09-23, 04:41 pm
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I recently started playing Lego Star Wars for the DS, both TCS and III games. I'd like to try to edit texures and models, but I have no idea where they're located and how to get to them.

These both use the same game engine so as an experiment, I was going to try to take a character from one game and put it in another. So far, no luck on even FINDING the characters. Any ideas?


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Posted on 01-10-23, 03:39 pm
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By looking at the filesystem it seems like all the data is stored inside that .fib folder
This is actually pretty common, i have seen several (non-nintendo) games using huge archive formats to store all the data
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Posted on 01-11-23, 10:48 am
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Would you know how to open (and edit things in) that .fib folder/archive? NSMBe isn't able to open it.
Posted on 01-12-23, 10:48 am
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You can try using Every File Explorer to open the file. It's known to support a wide range of formats
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