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Posted on 01-06-23, 01:20 pm

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So in my hack i want to make custom textures for the Piranha Plants.

But in game they look like this for some reason.

Please help I don't know how to fix this.
Posted on 01-06-23, 10:47 pm
Red Goomba
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Did you edit the texture with NSMBe? That usually messes up the textures especially with the world map, try using Nitro Paint instead and see if it looks normal.
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Posted on 01-07-23, 08:13 am
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i think nsmbe exported the textures wrong, making some areas that shouldnt be transparent display as transparent. i think if you fill the rest of the top half of the texture with purple, itll import fine, but i cant recall for sure. you could also use a different program to edit the textures, as MarioFalls has suggested.
Posted on 01-07-23, 12:21 pm (rev. 1 by  KTRMAmbiance on 01-07-23, 12:22 pm)
Buzzy Beetle

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Pixels that use the first color of the palette become transparent even when they aren't; it's a known issue with NSMBe.
Posted on 01-07-23, 03:51 pm

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ITS FIXED! Thank you for the help!
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