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Posted on 10-16-22, 01:17 am

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Welcome to the:

(Mario Model made by the guys at Super Render World)

Before we start, these will be paid!

After noticing the other threads on here, I wanted to start my own commissions with a focus on high-quality logos.

For the moment being, I can only do 2D versions (none of the 3D NSMBU and NSMB2 stuff), BUT I can add on to the 2D ones if you like (Ex: Textures, coloring, etc.)

The logo will be given/done in 4K (if you need a different size we can discuss that.)

I will not make a logo that contains
- 18+ Material
- Religious and things connected to Religious things
- Making fun of or hating on something

The base price is 5$ (Generic logo like the one above minus the render.)

The price of more custom ones will incense depending on the effects you want.

One like this would be around 8 - 10 dollars.

These will be discussed and I can give you an estimate.

Also, you don't need to credit me if you are going to use it, but it would be appreciated if you do.

Right now, I only accept payments via PayPal.
If you are interested, please DM me on Discord (frijoles#4938) or private message me here.
I will respond more on Discord though.

By the way, If you want a logo in the style of another game (ex: Splatoon, Sonic, Minecraft, etc.) Just ask me and I can give you more details!

Thanks for reading!
Posted on 10-16-22, 04:00 am
I do things sometimes

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i dont think theres been a logo shop here thats actually involved money before. that said, i do have some questions regarding it. will all $5 logos lack antialiasing like the at the top of the post? will they only be available in raster image formats, or vector ones too? what fonts are you offering to use on the logos? will they, or can you request them to be, well optimized for the DS's screen? and, if someone wanted to for some reason, could they be used commercially?
Posted on 10-16-22, 09:17 am

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We do not allow for-profit content like this on our forums.

This isn't Fiverr.
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