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Posted on 03-10-22, 06:10 pm

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Hello! I’m new to hacking NSMB and I was wondering if there is a way of removing the ‘Mini Games’ button from the title screen so only Mario Game, Mario Vs. Luigi, and Options are selectable. Any help would be appreciated!
Posted on 03-28-22, 12:35 pm (rev. 2 by  Red Flying Troopa on 03-28-22, 12:37 pm)
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I think there are two options here.

One is to get Newer Super Mario Bros Ds and export the the minigame file(s) from that and import them into your hack. (The option will still be there but will crash the game upon clicking/tapping on the minigame option)

Or two you could try ASM hacking.

Sorry if this is not helpful or not exactly what you’re looking for but regardless; hope this helps,

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Posted on 04-02-22, 11:50 pm
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you dont need to use code hacks i believe, since you can edit the titlesecreen buttons with theGameratorT's bnbl and bncl editors. i already removed the minigame button to test if itd work, so just replace UI_O_menu_title_d.bnbl with this modified one and UI_O_menu_title_d.bncl with this one.
Posted on 04-06-22, 09:26 pm

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this will just make the button invisible and untouchable but still selectable with the keys, you do need code to remove it completely
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Posted on 04-07-22, 12:51 am
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oh true i forgot you could select it with the d-pad
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