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Posted on 02-06-22, 04:43 am (rev. 2 by  TraineeLuigie on 02-06-22, 05:02 am)

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I don't find it in obj and enemy folders. Anyone help?

edit:I_score_I_ncg. Not yet find the palette
oh and btw:
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Posted on 02-06-22, 06:31 am
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The palette may be either the second palette of d_2d_UI_O_1P_game_in_o_ud_ncl.bin or the second palette of UI_O_1P_game_in_o_ud_ncl.bin, both of which are in the uiStudio folder and need to be opened with 16 color mode. Said palette might also be used for the "Mario Clear" text and maybe some other things but I'm not 100% sure.
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