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Posted on 12-20-21, 07:05 pm

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What is the file to change mario and luigi's head where the live count is?
Posted on 12-21-21, 10:02 am (rev. 1 by  KTRMAmbiance on 12-21-21, 10:03 am)

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Palette: /uiStudio/UI_O_1P_game_in_o_ud_ncl.bin
Texture: /uiStudio/UI_O_1P_game_in_d_ncg.bin

Note that this will also change the icon in the progress bar, since it's also loaded from the same location
Posted on 12-22-21, 04:52 am

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Posted on 12-25-21, 11:11 am
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Also another small detail, import the new image in "import image using existing palette" as this palette is also of the Luigi face and you don't want to ruin it. If you really want to change the colors then make the colors match by pressing ctrl + right click on a color and edit it.
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