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Posted on 11-21-21, 08:45 pm

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Could someone please patch this for me I cannot do it myself since my school computer does not let me and I am at boarding school here is the mega link for the. Nmp file
Posted on 11-22-21, 04:23 am (rev. 1 by  Keeper on 11-22-21, 08:48 am)
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It's against the rules to post pre-patched roms on the board, though if someone makes you an xdelta version of the patch, you can patch the game on your phone with something like unipatcher (assuming you have an android).

Edit: Here, I ended up making an xdelta myself. I believe it should work as long as you have a clean, american NSMB rom.
Posted on 11-22-21, 08:26 am
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Posted on 11-23-21, 10:22 pm

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Thank you guys so much. I appreciate helping a new person on the forum.
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