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Posted on 08-03-21, 11:36 am

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This is an official thread of New Super Mario Bros +.


This hack containing (for the moment) a new level design and ASM hack.

What is planned :

- a new music level and worlds
- custom logo of world
- play with Paper Mario.

A demo:


Logo design: alpha
Level design: alpha and Elio 3.1
Titleset: TRS
Asm hacking: Skawo

New Super Mario Bros + development is on pause.

Posted on 08-03-21, 04:22 pm
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Wow, these levels look so dense and full of life.

btw this name exists already:
Super Mario Bros. - The New Worlds | Full release
Super Mario Castle 2 | Full release

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Posted on 08-04-21, 02:03 am
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We do it a bit Wii and well done Elio 3.1, the secret project has already come to light, well Arceus is right but it can stay that way the name?
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Posted on 08-05-21, 09:03 am
something that resembles the blaze of a fire

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I agree with Skylander. You need to put more enemies and sprites (and maybe mix stuff from different worlds, because that usually looks cool and it's original).
Posted on 08-05-21, 02:50 pm
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I did 1-A and 1-Tower, but that was a long time ago, although I think the Tower I made is a disaster, but 2-A will be great, even if I spoke with Elio 3.1 and he told me that he would change the name but the hack he is paused until he wants to, and he said he was going to enjoy family time, etc. I'm the one who makes the levels with "letters" and the towers, but this hack is paused until further notice

elio has been working on this hack for 2 months, but it was hidden and only I knew it existed
The star project that shows my brilliant mind

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