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Posted on 07-10-21, 08:19 pm (rev. 1 by Toms on 07-10-21, 08:20 pm)
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Super Mario Story is an unofficial mod of New Super Mario Bros. 2 that sees Mario venturing off far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, with new and original locations, fun and inventive level design, an original story, and so much more!

  • Tons of fun new levels
  • New and original music
  • New and inventive backgrounds and tilesets
  • An original story
  • And so much more!



Posted on 07-10-21, 09:23 pm
Fire Brother

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This looks so nice! I love seeing old enemies like the Money Bag and Spike Bass in higher resolution in a 3DS game. The art style is cute, and Toadsworth and the game's logo with the book at the end makes this come over like some magical story we can look forward to. I can't wait to see more!
Posted on 07-10-21, 09:39 pm
I do things sometimes

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Yeah, this looks nice, both from what I've seen of the graphics and the levels. I'd love to give this a shot when a demo releases if I have a copy of NSMB2 by then.
Posted on 07-11-21, 10:21 am

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This hack is really interesting. I like almost everything what I've seen from the first look trailer. I hope you'll show us more about the story of the game. I'm looking forward to Super Mario Story.
Posted on 07-12-21, 08:01 pm
something that resembles the blaze of a fire

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Looks interesting. Different from the usual, but cool
Posted on 07-13-21, 12:57 pm

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Once this gets released, I'm downloading!
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Posted on 10-26-21, 06:56 pm
Goomba's run the world...

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This looks amazing, I cant wait for it to be released

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