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Posted on 07-06-21, 08:48 am (rev. 2 by dilanomer  on 07-06-21, 09:00 am)

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I've been working on a hack for a good while now, and have so far been testing on an emulator with it working flawlessly. However, the moment I began testing on an actual DS (DSi XL), the game works, but experiences constant, really really annoying flickers.

I'm genuinely lost with how to resolve this, so below is information that could be a part of the problem. Any sort of help would be awesome, and I'm willing to answer any further questions if it helps.

- Original ROM has an xDelta patch of Nitro WAV and is currently being edited over
- Soundtracks are streamed through Nitro WAV at a high 32000 bit rate
- The edited ROM file size is huge at almost 400mb (I tried created a patch through NSMBe but an object error came up)
- Regarding the emulator, the game works fine on DeSmuME 2015, but experiences the same problem on MelonDS

Thank you!
Posted on 07-06-21, 10:52 am (rev. 1 by  TheGameratorT on 07-06-21, 10:52 am)
DMA problems.

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I am sorry you experienced these issues with Nitro WAV, unfortunately, streams don't do very well with nds-bootstrap.

I think it can't read fast enough from the SD Card, causing a lot of stress.

An idea I have for the future is have it use the extra RAM of the DSi/3DS to allow loading NWAVs with a max of 8mb and play them directly instead of streaming them.

In the future I will try to make a fix for it.

Also, avoid using any sample rate different from 32000 Hz if possible, 32728 Hz works best with the clocks of the Nintendo DS hardware.
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Posted on 07-06-21, 10:56 am

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Ah, thats all good then. Thank you!
Posted on 07-06-21, 03:13 pm
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Are you sure the issue is SD card reads though? OP says the issue also happens in melonDS.
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