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Posted on 05-26-21, 11:50 pm

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I want to know how to use p switches in the level editor to make certain blocks disappear, can anyone help?
Posted on 05-27-21, 02:53 am
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You can use the tile god sprite. When you place it, adjust the tiles to the desired size, and make sure it's set to "Destroy" The Target IP on the P switch must match the Trigger ID on the tile god sprite. Make sure your tiles are the same, for example, if you want wooden blocks to be destroyed, place them in the same spot the tile got is on, and have the settings on the tile god sprite set to "wooden blocks"

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Posted on 05-27-21, 04:22 am

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Thanks! This will help with the edited version of NSMB I'm going to release on here sometime.
Posted on 05-27-21, 07:10 am
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And I think if you set the definitions to "blue coins" the blocks will not explode, but disappear.
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