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Posted on 05-19-21, 04:44 am (rev. 2 by  seteven on 05-19-21, 04:50 am)

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Here is the final section of the W6-Tower 1
This hack is hard
Actually, I don't know how to call to this hack.
Also, am not too good at editing the title screen.

I'm just good at levels XD (I think :p)

How do you guys think this hack should being called?

I'm listening
or... reading XD

Also, here is the full W6-tower1 layout

Posted on 05-19-21, 08:13 am
Nipper Plant

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Damn, it looks hard, but cool. I think it should be called New Super Puzzle Bros. (if there is not already a hack called that way )
Posted on 05-19-21, 02:47 pm
Giant Red Paratroopa
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Don't make a new thread every time you have a new screenshot, just post them all in the same thread.
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Posted on 05-19-21, 05:29 pm

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^ This. Next ones will be deleted.
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