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Posted on 07-06-20, 09:20 pm (rev. 11 by  TheGameratorT on 07-07-20, 10:18 pm)
DMA problems.

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Phew, it has been a while since I have actually posted something useful in this board.

But I decided to come back with some style and present you guys this new code I have been working on this month.

I present you, Nitro WAV!
(yes, yes I know terrible name, but it's not what matters )

So what does this actually do?

Well, hear for yourself:

Being more specific, it allows to play high quality music without having to setup SSEQs and other complex stuff.

Where can I get it?

You can get the player code at:

You can get the converter tool at (in the releases section):

You can get the documentation of the format at:

How can I install it in the game?

To begin the file insertion into the ROM, you can use this script:

After that, you must find a way to compile the NSMB-ASMReference and add my NWAV code in the "src" folder.
Note: Currently it's somewhat hard to make it compatible with NSMBe but when the new compilation tool releases, I will update the code so it's compatible with it.

Open the NWAVPlayer_nsmb.cpp file and search for "constexpr int firstWavID = 2089;" and change the value "2089" to the one that was given to you by the insertion script.

After that, hit "make and insert" in NSMBe and you can start replacing the NWAVs in the file table that was added to your ROM.
wav000.nwav will replace SSEQ number 0, wav010.nwav will replace SSEQ number 10, and so on...

WARNING: DO NOT USE NSMBe to replace the NWAVs, since they can be somewhat big in size and NSMBe won't like that, causing file overlaps, corruptions and invalid header size. Please use EveryFileExplorer or some other alternative to replace the NWAV files in the table.

XDelta patch of ROM used in trailer:


Works on multiplayer.

Glitchy (might work with lower quality audio)
R4i Gold Pro 2020
Needs YSMenu
Needs YSMenu

Known bugs

Nitro WAV Player loop point is not perfectly correct and sometimes a garbled gap can be heard for a quarter of a second before it loops. (Will be fixed in the next update)

Special thanks!

Helped me with code: Overblade, Ed_IT
ndspy and importer script:  RoadrunnerWMC
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Posted on 07-06-20, 09:24 pm

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Well, we are good to go! Glad to have been useful to you!
Posted on 07-06-20, 10:06 pm
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Congrats on being able to do this. I know Skawo also found a way but he required extra RAM.

I'll clarify about a few things.

First off, software should be saying the actual kernels (YSMenu, WoodR4) and not the cards.
Secondly, nds-bootstrap is the backend for playing games on the TWL-based software SD card. TWiLight Menu++ is just the front end for it.
Thirdly, in order to make it not glitchy, we'd have to be able to access the TWL SD card from ARM9. Right now, it is handled by ARM7.

Technically, if you keep everything under a certain size, it could be loaded into RAM on nds-bootstrap. Right now, it's 12MB on retail DSi and 28MB on panda DSi/3DS. Hopefully we'd be able to unlock the rest of the RAM for the 3DS.

Congrats on this achievement by the way
Posted on 07-06-20, 10:19 pm
DMA problems.

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Thx I just updated the post. Still I am not entirely sure if it's only the kernel of the card. So for now I am not changing that part.
Regarding the extra RAM on other consoles, that seems pretty interesting.
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Posted on 07-06-20, 10:51 pm (rev. 1 by  skawo on 07-06-20, 10:52 pm)

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We did not require extra RAM, except for nds-bootstrap, since, just like this, it was broken there.
This is literally the same thing we had.
Posted on 07-07-20, 01:38 pm

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Finally we reached the point where everyone can use streamed music with ease. This is such a great achievement for the community.
Not to mention the effort and testing that was required to move this project towards release.

Now you can proudly claim that you've enabled many people to use a feature requested for a long time ;)
Posted on 07-07-20, 03:08 pm
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This is so awesome. If my hack wasn't so far along, I would try to do this. This little music hack is super neat. Super nice job, TheGameratorT. You're awesome.

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Posted on 07-09-20, 07:52 pm (rev. 1 by  onlypuppy7 on 07-09-20, 07:53 pm)

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I guess this proves that nsmb hacking is alive and things are still being made for it to this day
also I thought skawo left or something lol
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Old hack:

Posted on 07-11-20, 01:41 am
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