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Posted on 07-05-20, 04:31 am (rev. 1 by Stuart on 07-05-20, 01:21 pm)

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My English is not so good, so I have forced myself to use the google translator, so any spelling mistakes you already know haha

I want to introduce myself in what is this of the ROM HACKS of New Super Mario Bros, here I leave you a sample, I have used the NSMBe, modify the world 1-1, tell me what you think about xD.

I don't know anything about programming, ASM, nothing xD.

Thanks for your attention

/One moment i changing the link
Posted on 07-05-20, 05:22 am
Red Paratroopa
I do things sometimes

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You're not supposed to post actual game ROMs as it's illegal. Use an nmp patch, or, if you used ASM hacks, an xdelta patch.
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