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Posted on 06-27-20, 07:02 am
I do things sometimes

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Awful title, yeah. Posting this as there doesn't seem to be any info on materials n such for nsbmd files so figured I'd talk about my own findings. While I don't really know a good consistent method for this, you can change the Lights, Polygon Mode, and Display Mode of a nsbmd model's material. They're controlled by a hex digit that's usually 81 and seems to come 5 digits after a hex digit 42. It also consistently comes between the model's texture name and "polygon_0". The first byte (usually 8) controls the Polygon and Display Modes while the last byte (usually 1) controls the Lights. Also worth noting is that setting it to Toon/Highlight shading actually gives the material star Mario's affect. Sorry if this is barely comprehensible, I was writing it while I was tired and I didn't want to forget. I also dunno proper terms for things n such as this isn't what I usually mess with. I'll probs clean this up and add to it later.
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