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Posted on 04-03-20, 09:56 am

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Does anyone know how I can play this? everytime I try patching this with delta it wont work, how can i play with desmume?
Posted on 04-03-20, 10:58 am (rev. 1 by  KTRMAmbiance on 04-03-20, 10:59 am)

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There're different ROM versions, like NSMB US ROM, EU ROM, etc. If the patch doesn't work with one, try with the another ROM. (i.e. the patch didn't work with the EU ROM, then try with an US ROM)

Also, you can try another version of XDelta, too. (I suggest using XDelta UI)
Posted on 04-03-20, 11:09 am

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I have tried that delta

aswell as both roms of NSMB

and this is what i get -
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