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Posted on 01-01-20, 04:17 pm
Hammer Brother

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Happy New Years fellas. What are your plans for 2020? I hope it'll be a great year as we enter the new decade.

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Posted on 01-09-20, 05:47 am
Random Turtle

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Happy New Year!

Well, I hope this year I'll be able to accomplish many things that I've always wanted to do. That hopefully means that I will be able to free up my busy schedule for once in my life.

9 days late, yeah I know.
Posted on 01-10-20, 11:56 pm
for MC in range(708):

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Happy new year. Only a few days in and I've already hacked my 3DS, which was a lot of fun. Gonna have to do the Wii U next, I reckon
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