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Posted on 12-02-19, 04:01 am (rev. 1 by TheLuigiMain on 12-02-19, 04:02 am)

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So I recently decided to purchase two R4 gold cards from ebay, they came in and I booted up mario on both a played them together vanilla. Then I decided to add cheats on both ends, an example being both cards have the Always Be Star or what not cheat on, and it works, there isnt desyncing or anything, but it only works for mario. I switched the roles too but mario always gets to have cheats while luigi sits there in vanilla even though it is enabled. I am not sure what the problem is and I'm kind of bummed because me and a friend were going to use cheat codes on each other and it won't work. Anyways, if you can help please do, anything is appreciated.
Posted on 12-02-19, 04:27 am
Melon Bug
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This happens because the cheats only apply to Player 1. You don't notice this in Single Player because even if you play as Luigi, you are still considered to be player one. The way to fix your problem would be to make versions of the codes that you are using to affect player 2. I don't really know how cheats work, so I can't help you make the codes, unfortunately.
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