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Posted on 10-12-19, 03:45 am
i have some MOAR super mario bros games please

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so I am making a hack called remix remix super Mario bros it is a remix and remake of the first super Mario game called super Mario bros nes if anyone could possible give me help with no more sprite limation witch is right here you want to check it out our you could help with if you know some custom codes that is good to
Posted on 10-13-19, 07:51 pm
That MvL Hacker

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This is the wrong thread, but here's a starter pack I made for MvsL hacking, should be straight forward to follow. Let me know if you're having trouble understanding the Readme
I'm the only person on this board that hacked MvL before it was cool.

Here's my MvL Hacking thread | Here's the MvL Community Hack!

If you hack Mario vs Luigi, consider joining my Discord Server!

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