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Posted on 07-13-19, 12:26 am

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So, I downloaded the ASM template and devkitPro 3.0.3 with msys2 version 2.10.0. I installed devkitPro to C:\devkitPro and the template is located at C:\Users\-----\Desktop\ASMPatchTemplate-master. I put the USA ROM in the folder, ran NSMBe 379 and clicked "Run 'make' and insert." When I clicked on it, I got this message:

Along with this, only the build/ folder showed up in the template folder. Not the bak/ folder, not any of the other temporary files, just the bak/ folder. Is there any way to fix this?
Posted on 07-13-19, 03:05 pm
Red Goomba

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Someone should update the Makefile
Posted on 07-23-19, 04:53 am

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i got this same error as well, what do i do?
Posted on 07-23-19, 06:39 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
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Seriously, read the post above you.
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